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5th Oct 2003, 04:28
i saw a booklet for sale on e-bay last week, for a british aerospace EAGLET. it was supposed to be a replacement for the jet provost but i have never heard of it. can anyone give any more details, it must have been more than an idea as the booklet was released.

5th Oct 2003, 23:43
The only 'Eaglet" I know is the Fairchild T-46. This was intended as a T-37 replacement, but was subsequently cancelled. It certainly was in the JP performance category, so maybe Fairchild and BAe collaborated to offer it to the RAF.


6th Oct 2003, 00:07
sorry the t45 is not the one. i would post a picture of the booklet but i dont know how!!

6th Oct 2003, 04:57
It's still on ebay (UK) for those interested. Link not allowed here, but it's item 2953683896. Doesn't look 'all new' to me, just a JP with some minor bodywork :hmm:

10th Oct 2003, 05:29
there is more to the story. i now have the eaglet booklet in my possesion and have spoken to a chap that worked in the design dept. he says it was based on the strikemaster/jp but the underside was very different as the jetpipe exits underneath.from the booklet it was described as an economic trainer and had 2 engine options. it was only a design idea and was never built but booklets were produced and sent to prospective customers to gauge the demand.