View Full Version : Anyone take a flying picture of Geminair Britannia 9G-ACE

Peter Barron
29th Sep 2003, 15:54
Can anyone help.
I used to fly on the Geminair Bristol Britannia 9G-ACE back in the 1970s.
While I have some pictures of it they are all on the ground.
Did anyone ever take a flying shot of it, even if it was just coming into land or taking off.
Any help in locating a flying shot would be greatly appreciated
Peter Barron.

2nd Oct 2003, 18:25
I remember working on 9G-ACE and other Brits during my apprenticeship @ LTN.
To answer your question, Peter - sorry, no.

2nd Oct 2003, 20:41
Not what you want, but perhaps a little consolation:

Peter Barron
3rd Oct 2003, 02:12
Thanks BUS 429 and Tiger Mate for your replies, ah well the search will go on, hopefully there is one out there somewhere.

3rd Oct 2003, 20:46
You could try Tony at the Aviation Hobby Shop - they sell airliner piccies amongst all their other stuff and have a substantial list -

01895 442123

Close to Heathrow if you're in the area.

3rd Oct 2003, 21:02

Peter Barron
4th Oct 2003, 00:25
Thanks nopax,thanx
I will give them a try.

Newswatcher, great picture, if that was 9G-ACE I would be sending you a great big kiss.

Lu Zuckerman
4th Oct 2003, 01:35
Try here:


If you want to kiss me please wait until my wife has left the house. All I ask is that you be gentle.


Peter Barron
4th Oct 2003, 02:01

Thanks for the link to 9G-ACE, even though it is not a flying shot it is a nice picture that I have not seen before.

Hope your Mrs is out, KISS.
If she sees it just tell her we are just good friends !

Honest, thanks.

Lu Zuckerman
4th Oct 2003, 05:19

Here is another. They have a print of 9G-ACE

[email protected] These guys have a print of 9G-ACE. Perchance it is shown in flight.

This could lead to a romance.


Peter Barron
4th Oct 2003, 16:09

Thanks for the new picture, again I have not seen that one before.

I have mailed the address to find out about the print.

Does this mean we are going steady now


Lu Zuckerman
4th Oct 2003, 22:06
To: Peter Barron

Dear Peter,

I told my wife about our relationship and she has sued me for divorce and wants the house ,the car and half of my savings as well as half of my social security check.

What do we do now?

:E :{ :confused:

Peter Barron
4th Oct 2003, 23:22

You have to choose, its me or the wife, I cannot take this emotional turmoil anymore.

Let her have the house and car because I can offer you so much more, we can make a new start, it doesn't matter what people say, we will be together at last, we can fly off into the sunset and spend the rest of our lives together.

Mrs Lu, he's my man now, keep your hands off.

5th Oct 2003, 00:08
Easy, Lu:

Just say "Beer me, bitch. Then walk. Oh - and shut the door on the way outta here....."

Or perhaps not!

Lu Zuckerman
5th Oct 2003, 01:43
To: Peter Baron

we can fly off into the sunset and spend the rest of our lives together.

Not if its' in an R-22 or R-44.

:E :E :E