View Full Version : AC 737-200 emergency landing at CYUL

29th Sep 2003, 11:59
Just like to advise of an emergency landing at Montreal Dorval Int'l. An Air Canada 732 had some sort of hydraulic failure and landed at CYUL at approximately 2430Z. Rescure crews were standing by while it landed on 24R and deccelerated pretty quickly. Fire crews cheked the brake temperatures after it landed and one gear reached 420 degrees celsius (pretty sure although their was a lot of chatter between ATC and rescue). Saw it all since I work there. Looks like everyone's fine from the hard stop.
All engines were shut down when it stopped rolling, and was towed to the gate.

Anybody else have some news/comments?

30th Sep 2003, 02:44
Non event - unless you're bored with life!