View Full Version : Glorious sound!!

27th Sep 2003, 19:39
Thanks, chaps! The glorious sound of Merlins was to be heard as the BBMF flew right overhead BEagle Towers at 1126 today. No doubt giving up another of their weekends to display the nation's priceless treasures to the great unwashed!

Good as the Pink Tarts might be, I'd far sooner watch the BBMF and other historics displayed sympathetically than watch coloured smoke.

28th Sep 2003, 04:59
Reminds me of the time just after I'd moved here to Lincolnshire in the mid-80s. The BBMF was, and is a common sight, transitting south from Coningsby. I was standing on the drive one day, messing with a car, when the Lanc flew over. "You didn't even look up!" said my elderly neighbour, who'd run outdoors to see it. "Oh, I've seen it hundreds of times," I replied in my patronising I'm-a-professional-aviator-writer-and-seen-it-all-before voice. "Well, lad, I've seen them hundreds AT a time, but that sight still thrills me." Perfect put-down from a WW2 Bomber County veteran to a young upstart southern incomer!