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26th Sep 2003, 20:36
With Guns AWOL, I'll take the gap and upload some news ...

SAA's Mzimela quits to head SA Express

SIZA Mzimela, head of global sales and Voyager at South African Airways (SAA), has resigned, becoming the fourth SAA executive to do so in recent months.

Mzimela is to become CE of feeder carrier SA Express.

Her resignation comes ahead of the long-delayed streamlining of SAA's management team. Uncertainty about who will remain after restructuring has already seen the departure of communications and marketing head Victor Nosi, SAA Technical CE Vince Raseroka and human resources head Vusi Dlamini.

Mzimela will assume her new position on October 1. She is the second woman to head the feeder airline.

Mzimela will ultimately report to SAA following the incorporation of SA Express into SAA in April.

The merger is aimed at eliminating route duplications and sharing of resources

B Sousa
27th Sep 2003, 23:11
Just out of curiosity, what are the Backrounds and Qualifications of some of these Executives Are they Aviation/Business oriented??

28th Sep 2003, 13:35
How could you possibly have a shadow of doubt in your mind about the "Qualifications of some of these Executives"?
Don't you know that ALL affirmative appointments in SA come highly trained and produce excellent end of year financial results!

28th Sep 2003, 16:31
Siza Mzimela is an astute business women with significant experience in the aviation industry. I have worked with her and enjoyed her practical and "can do" approach.

I believe that she will add tremendous value to SAX and take on the challenge with enthusiasm. She has worked in a number of different business units within SAA and unlike others before her, has gained vast knowledge of the industry at senior level.

She is a strong leader with a "people" orientation and I certainly look forward to watching her progress at SAX.

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