View Full Version : Modified DC6 @ Rand

arthur harbrow
26th Sep 2003, 18:12
In a recent edition of Pilot mag there was mention of a modified DC6 looking like a Guppy.Any ideas?

26th Sep 2003, 20:23
Not the Carvair is it? Looks a lot like a six to the casual observer.

26th Sep 2003, 22:29
It's Phoebus Apollo Aviation's Rand-based Carvair.

27th Sep 2003, 00:25
Is the old girl still working? I hope to God they bring her back to Blighty before she gets written off, or is left to rot in the bush somewhere. Must be a museum who'd be able to look after her...;)

arthur harbrow
27th Sep 2003, 02:59
Thanks for the replies.Are these the aircraft Freddie Laker converted?DC4 or DC6?

27th Sep 2003, 04:47
Yep, conversion of DC-4/C-54 by Aviation Traders (aka Freddie L.) at Southend. Has a vertical tail very similar to DC-7C, but made new not scavenged from old 7Cs as often stated.

There is one other active in Alaska, having recently been resurrected from Terrace BC where it had languished since the mines closed.


27th Sep 2003, 05:16
They were new fins on the Carvair Paper Tiger? I never knew that!

But i reiterate my point: the Cross Channel Ferry segment of British aviation history needs preserving, other than in the minds of us afficianados and those who like James Bond.

Carvair and Freighter at Lydd? I think so... There is, I believe, a New Zealand Bristol Freighter returning to the UK soon, weather to fly or for static I know not... :ok:


27th Sep 2003, 08:26
The same people at Terrace (Hawkair) also have a Frightener for sale. As-is, where-is I believe which is unfortunate as it's missing an engine and out of prop hours.

Preserving a Carvair would be nice, there are three or four left but nobody's made a move on them yet. Probably suffer the same fate as all the Superfreighters alas.