View Full Version : Ex Dan Air aircraft causes traffic chaos in Essex

Matt Braddock
25th Sep 2003, 00:54
The local papers and radio here in Essex have been working overtime to report the problems caused by moving a former Dan Air B727 from Southend to Harwich where it is being shipped to Denmark.

Wonder if it is the old Lady Patricia which was resident at SEN for some years and was cannibalised to keep other 727s flying?

newspaper link here


25th Sep 2003, 03:27
Was funny listening to Radio 2 (yeah, that old) Traffic News all yesterday afternoon with the continual updates on the location of the fuselage.

Some "wag" had e-mailed the show today to ask why they hadn't just stuck the wings on and flown it... and we wonder why we're seen as an expensive industry sometimes...!

25th Sep 2003, 03:31
The B727 was the ex Sabre Airways aircraft G-BNNI from Southend believed to be on it's way to Denmark. I flew on this aircraft in 1989 when it was in service with Dan Air.

28th Sep 2003, 01:33
I recall an incident

28th Sep 2003, 04:06
Blast! I could've popped down there and seen it!

No comment
30th Sep 2003, 05:09
Should have ticketed the "flight" to CPH...

30th Sep 2003, 16:38
Photos here:


30th Sep 2003, 16:51
Pardon me for asking but what are they going to do with the aircraft in Denmark??

30th Sep 2003, 16:58
It's going to be reassembled and used as a showroom for a major printing company