View Full Version : ANR-Boomset

2nd Jul 2001, 23:16
I am looking for a ANR-Headset for the 737.
I found the Sennheiser HMEC-45KA quite nice.
Does anyone have suggestions?

Alpine Flyer
4th Jul 2001, 17:44
I have used the HMEC 45 KA for about 2 years on Dash 8 turboprops and found it quite pleasing. It takes out a lot of noise, though you only notice that when you turn the ENC off.

Our company later introduced the -25 model which has a bigger earpiece (and is heavier) but cancels more noise due to it's closed-ear-design.

I found the -45 better engineered and lighter than the Telex Airman ANR although I don't really like the design of the earpieces. The foam cover is fixed and so, unlike the Telex Airman 750, you can't simply swap the covers when they're grimy.

On the original -45 the cord was quite short which made placing the ANR control box a bit awkward (I don't want it pinned to my shirt for several hours). I got a longer cord but be sure that's included in the price. Our distributor tried to charge me about 100 EUR for that.....

6th Jul 2001, 18:40
I've been using the HMEC 45 KA for a few months now on the 733. No complaints except I feel a slightly higher air pressure on the ear drums when the ANR is switched on, you get used to it. ANR headsets were discussed recently on: