View Full Version : Obscured Registration, Legal?

Agaricus bisporus
2nd Jul 2001, 20:59
Theres recently been a shiny Gulfstream G5 parked on the apron at Rome Ciampino with white self adhesive plastic sheet covering the registration. Apart from wondering why anyone would want to do this - surely it only attracts attention, is it legal?

Kerosene Kraut
5th Jul 2001, 17:12
Did it actually fly with a covered reg and no interim reg added? Parking should be okay, flying not. Some clandestine VIP-ships these days tend to have their regs intentionally shielded by their oversized engine-covers while parking. Aside from less vanity regs and colour schemes exotic overseas countries (like the cayman islands) seem to become more popular to have your a/c registered at. (not only due to lower cost) If you want to remain low profile this is way less spectacular than flying without anything. Guess they just sold it to somebody. Or might it be grounded for some reason?