View Full Version : Has anybody got a job with DHL out of East Mid Yet??

11th Sep 2001, 14:13
If anybody has gone to work for them can they let everybody else know what the package is?

Just nobody seems to be able to find out...lots of rumour!!!


13th Sep 2001, 06:53
DHL I was offered an interview recently but turned it down as salary and conditions did not make it worthwhile travelling all the way to EMA , renting room etc.
Salary is 60000 Pounds +2.i9p per hour allowances. Pensions PHI etc etc are still being decided, I guess dependant on response to this job!!
As I am also B737 Rated I can do better at Easyjet 62000 + approx 8000 pa sector allowances +++ Pensions medicals etc etc.

This DHL job does not fit the description of 'cracker of a job' as described by Tilli recently!!! IMHO

14th Sep 2001, 11:39
See Freight dog forum.

14th Sep 2001, 20:32
Airtours Boeing fleet manager Chris Hall is leaving us and joining DHL as their new Chief Pilot. Excellent guy to work for and anyone who ends up at DHL will have a great boss. Good luck Chris. Our loss their gain.

Shanwick Shanwick
14th Sep 2001, 23:44
Capt 60K
FO 40K

2.15/hr from check in to check out (approx 200 / trip)

4 On 4 Off

Pension 10 - 15%....probably nearer 10!

Interview next week so I'll let you know if I find out any more.



15th Sep 2001, 15:59
Chris is an excellent guy but take a closer look at his new bosses!

The Guvnor
15th Sep 2001, 16:02

15th Sep 2001, 16:09
Meanung: Do some homework before accepting their job offer!

16th Sep 2001, 10:40

Mr Angry from Purley
16th Sep 2001, 12:32
SHAMwick Shanwick, are you going to the interview or not asat 16.07 in the Freight Dog form you said your withdrawing your interview

Plonker! :mad: :mad:

16th Sep 2001, 12:49
Yes BM too!

But more importantly, check out TJ.

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16th Sep 2001, 18:51
hello Mr Angry,
Are you signing your recent post as being a plonker yourself or criticising Shan for withdrawing his interview?
If it is the latter you obviously know nothing about our Trefor or Coco the Clown as he is more affectionately known.Check out
the histories of Alidair,JEA,Gill and the procumement of numerous 146 and 757s before you criticise.History repeats itself! The new
chief pilot is a good guy but his big boss is
a ****.
best regards

16th Sep 2001, 22:01
Shan confused me too, look at his posting on this thread AND his posting on the freight dogs forum. I gather he has first hand knowledge of TJ.

Mr Angry from Purley
17th Sep 2001, 00:09
Parcel Puppy. No i wasn't criticising his decision to withdraw based on his previous experiences with the MD, just the fact he/she seemed to be giving out erractic messages about turning up or not....

And i'm not a plonker as i'm not a Nigel.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: