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19th Sep 2003, 21:10
What sort of an aeroplane is a Hendy Heck.

Cambrian Airways acquired one in June 1947 but it didn't last long as it was broken up in 1948.

A link to a picture would be much appreciated

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19th Sep 2003, 22:37
Found this on the web - it's an extract from a book about Parnall Aircraft in Bristol.

In 1929 Parnall built a cabin monoplane called the Hendy 302 to the design of Basil B. Henderson who followed it with another monoplane, the advanced Heck. 1935 marked a major change for Parnall when the firm acquired the assets of both Hendy Aircraft Ltd. and the armaments firm of Nash and Thompson. A new company called Parnall Aircraft was formed and the Heck passed to Parnall ownership, renamed the Parnall Heck it set a new record for the run from Cape Town to England of 6 days, 8 hours and 27 minutes in November 1936. A three seat derivative with a fixed, spatted undercarriage, powered by a Gypsy Six was produced as the Parnall Heck 2C, six were laid down in expectation of sales but none attracted an order and the first four were to be used as communications aircraft by Parnall in connection with their armaments activities. The fifth and sixth aircraft were used for test flying the Wolseley Aries radial engine and gun sight development work.

And here's a photo

Parnall Heck 11C (www.jaapteeuwen.speedlinq.nl/html%20pages/PARNALL%20HECK%20IIC.htm)

19th Sep 2003, 23:46

Many thanks for the info and picture.

The directors used as their personal company aircraft.