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9th Aug 2001, 00:21
Found this on the FAA website

APA 50-01
July 31, 2001
Contact: Tammy L. Jones
Phone: 202-267-3462

FAA Selects Contractor for the Next Generation Air/Ground Communications Program

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal
Aviation Administration (FAA) today awarded a contract to ITT
Industries Aerospace/Communications Division, of Ft. Wayne,
Ind. to provide the FAA with multi-mode VHF digital air-to-ground
radios. The contract is for an initial $20.5 million and could be
worth as much as $580 million if all options are exercised. ITT
Industries, partnered with Park Air Systems, Federal Data Corp.,
and Operational Technologies Services, Inc. to provide the

The first building block of the Next Generation Air/Ground
Communications (NEXCOM) system will replace air traffic
controllers' aging analog radios with digital radios in phases. When
completed, the entirely digital system will enhance the FAA's
ability to meet expanding air traffic control communication

The NEXCOM multi-mode digital radio will:
Provide air traffic controllers with the capability to
accommodate the growing number of sectors and services using
the limited spectrum available in the VHF aeronautical frequency
Reduce logistical costs (supplies, maintenance, training,
etc.) by replacing high- maintenance VHF radios.
Provide capability for future data link communications to
all classes of users.
Reduce air-to-ground radio frequency interference.
Enhance security with the help of technology that
reduces the threat from unauthorized users.

The multi-mode digital radio employs both 25kHz and 8.33kHz
double-side bands - AM for analog voice and VHF Digital Link
Mode-3 (VDL-3) technology for integrated digital voice and data.
This radio will be available in 2002 as an analog infrastructure
upgrade, and will be coupled with existing radio interface units for
the air traffic en-route environment. After completion of
end-to-end operational testing, the radios will be installed at 1,500
existing remote air-to-ground communications and backup
emergency communications facilities serving 21 Air Route Traffic
Control Centers.



Is this being done in conjunction with other aviation authorities elsewhere in the world, or is it a case of the US doing it now and everyone else will get around to it -- or some incompatible system -- whenever?


9th Aug 2001, 06:57
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9th Aug 2001, 12:45
it seems to be a case of the US falling behind:
VDL mode 4 (http://www.nup.nu/external/htmuser/vdlmode4.htm)



Self Loading Freight
11th Aug 2001, 14:58
FT -- so is every administration going to have its own standard? Going from analogue to digital's going to be interesting enough: type approving a digital radio with multiple standards (the only way I can see that working) would be nightmarish.