View Full Version : Mag article on L4 Strips South West?

17th Sep 2003, 16:04
Apparently there was a flying mag article a few years ago about L4 grasshopper strips during the war in the South West. Anyone have any details?




Shaggy Sheep Driver
17th Sep 2003, 17:33
Don't remember that, but there are a couple of books available on the 'Grasshoppers' during WW2.


17th Sep 2003, 19:25
Aeroplane Monthly, as I recall. I'd have a look through my back issues, but they're all boxed up and in a storage unit at the moment while I sort out moving house.

You could always email them at
[email protected]

17th Sep 2003, 19:29
I think the feature that you are looking for is "On a Postage Stamp" which appeared in the March 2000 issue of FlyPast, Pages 32-40.

Several updates appeared later but I simply haven't got time to find them for you.

17th Sep 2003, 23:24
Many thanks, chaps!

Philip Whiteman
18th Sep 2003, 00:42
One long-held fantasy of mine is dropping my L-4 down on the former U.S. Army strip that served SHAEF in Bushy Park, just a few hundred yards from where I live.