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arthur harbrow
16th Sep 2003, 03:18
Has anyone been to the Brussells Air Museum?If so i would like some opinions as i am in Belgium at the end of the month and may visit.Thanks

16th Sep 2003, 05:05
I was there about 18 months ago... cracking museum with a lot of interesting aircraft, though the was something of a dilapidated feel about the place at the time - sadly, I think funding for such enterprises may be rather restricted in Belgium at the moment. Also the upstairs galleries were closed the day we were there, why I don't know.

But well worth a visit! And enjoy the beer as well...!

16th Sep 2003, 13:44
Was there a number of years ago. A bit threadbare, yet worth a few hours.

It looked as though their budget was so small that any restoration work is being done by volunteers.

I bought their little catalog (in English). It has one page per plane.


You want it when?
16th Sep 2003, 15:54
Well worth a visit, not only the air museum but there is a tank park next to it as well. OK I last went in 1990 whilst I was based out there - but it was a Saturday afternoon well spent.

There is a surprising amount of different aircraft there, I questioned how Belguim had had the budget to field so many types and had it explained by one of the volunteers....

"You see Belguim as wonderful as she is, is also the cross roads of Europe, when ever there is a war, we are invaded, overrun and occupied. Then we are liberated and occupied. Each country leaves lots of aircraft, tanks, guns here. So when they 'ave gone out we come and paint our little roundels on them - as you say in England. Finders Keepers?" ;)

arthur harbrow
16th Sep 2003, 23:19
Thanks very much for the replies.You have made my mind up for me, i shall definitely try to visit.

17th Sep 2003, 01:12
Been there two times now, definitively worth your time in my opinion! The 1st WW types upstairs are pretty rare, but there are many other gems to be seen.

17th Sep 2003, 02:29
It's a superb museum - well worth a visit!

It does have a web site - see here:

24th Sep 2003, 20:39
The best part is it's FREE!! Excellent place, not just the aircraft, but a fascinating collection of all things historical.

Be careful where you park, I had a car towed away from a nearby street by the police once......for parking on the wrong side of the road on a Wednesday!

arthur harbrow
25th Sep 2003, 03:12
Thanks again, i shall be visiting courtesy of Ryanair so no danger of being clamped.I must say i am looking forward to going back to Belgium after a number of years.It is a place i like and yet cannot really say why.

arthur harbrow
1st Oct 2003, 06:15
Just returned from Belgium.Visited the air museum on Sunday, thought it was fantastic as were the other museums in the same park, but why do they not charge, even a small amount, say 5 euros to cotribute to the upkeep of all these treasures, aviation and others.

Sleeve Wing
6th Oct 2003, 04:56
Must agree with all the previous replies. Super museum with a lot of examples you won't easily find elsewhere. Bit like Hendon with dust!

Went there on a number of occasions to fill time in during BRU nightstops - usually during the morning.
Then I could quietly indulge myself, remembering the good old days - sitting in the Hunter cockpit when nobody was around !!

Sleeve. :cool:

12th Oct 2003, 01:17
And the best thing is, it's on the Metro so that it's easy to reach without needing a car or a parking place either.