View Full Version : FADEC ?

7th Aug 2001, 15:17
Can anyone explain simply what FADEC means?

7th Aug 2001, 22:51
Full Authority Digital Engine Control.

As simple as that...

It's just a computer system that takes in the various parameters like temperature, altitude, engine speeds, pilot's demand etc. and works out how much the fuel valve, variable guide vanes and air bleeds should be opened to get the best performance out of the engine.

Quite simple really, God alone knows why there are 50 or more of us trying to program the damn things here to keep up with the customer's changing requirements...

I still think we were better off with a Bowden cable between throttle and tap, no Bl**dy software to make a mess of things. Mind you, if that was so I would have been on the dole for the last fifteen or so years...


Nick Lappos
7th Aug 2001, 23:12
Notwithstanding VnV2178B's feelings, there are very real advantages to a FADEC in terms of safety, failure modes and power ratings.

With a digital control, the acceleration can be tailored to the exact conditions and health of the engine, allowing optimum response without fear of stall. For combat damaged engines, we even detect the beginnings of stall and retrim the acceleration to guide the engine past the stall point with no surges.

The limits can also be tailored to the conditions, so that full throttle applications can be made, and the state of the remaining engines can determine the limits to be automatically obeyed.

It is a pity that software engineers have to work to keep up with the customer's demands. Does this mean that at last we have found someone on the engine side of the game who answers the phone to the user's needs?