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9th Sep 2003, 03:03
I've just recieved a copy of 'High/mighty' and 'island in the sky'on VHS from www.RAREVIDEO.com.......(New York)
Quite expensive(I thought by the time on pays duty)and not 'new' by any means but at least I have them..

9th Sep 2003, 06:46
Does this mean that the "Wayne Estate" has finally let these two classics into the home-vid market, or did you manage to sneak a pirate copy? I have tried accessing rarevideo.com through various links but they all come up with an Access Denied message.

Unlike the movie Fate Is The Hunter, whose only similarity to the book was its title, Island In The Sky and The High And The Mighty were classic screen versions of Gann's original books. One of the reasons for this was that Wayne allowed EKG to be the script writer! Although I have seen both of these in the past, I would dearly like to have them in my video library.

I keep an eye out for both movies on stations such as TCM but, if they are still shown, I have missed them.

A lot of punters regard THATM to be one of Wayne's finest movies. I agree wholeheartedly, although I must confess to being heavily biased towards both the subject and the author, so my opinion probably doesn't count!

9th Sep 2003, 08:19
Not new released items by any means,they're still'tied up'as you say..Stumbled onto this site one night under www.RAREVIDEO.com phone 607 7863107,also under [email protected].

11th Sep 2003, 00:03
I remember seeing “The High & Mighty” when I was about 11or 12. Am I right that Robert Stack was Wayne’s co-pilot in the film? The only scene I can remember, is the last one when they are walking to the crew bus. Oops! Given the ending away (or is my mind playing tricks?). The links in m&V's contribution don’t work, by the way.

11th Sep 2003, 02:14
watched the acquired Video the other night PRETTY bad in Quality.Looks like it was video'd off the 16mm film.Scratches etc,but thestory still there with the DC3 hunt(Island in the sky)
Email [email protected]
web www.RAREVIDEO.com

11th Sep 2003, 12:14
Almost right, Lukeafb1, except that Stack was Wayne's Captain and therein lies much of the crux of the story and why it still makes for a thoughtful read, or indeed movie. As with Fate Is The Hunter, what makes Gann's books so timeless and poignant is that only the equipment has moved on since his time. People and their strengths, weaknesses and relationships do not change from one generation to another.

Thanks, m&v. I've dusted the book off and started reading it for the umpteenth time. You've no idea what important chores you have postponed by your post!