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4th Aug 2001, 12:35
I need some help.
I have some FMS app questions.
Q1>I really don't understand the word
"VNAV is only for authorized operators" on the approach plate. What does that authorized operators mean? Does that mean the specific aircraft or system?
Q2>The MDA.
When we fly the vnav app, we actually go below the published MDA during missed app.
Is it legal?
Is it O.K. for authorized operators?
Q3> Can it be legal to fly the PBD drawn points by LNAV for non-precision app when that published app is not on the FMS?

Any informations will be appreciated.
Good day!!

4th Aug 2001, 19:47
Our Limitations/SOP's state that LNAV and VNAV modes must not be used for final approach (767 & 757).

5th Aug 2001, 16:11
W/pnt hello,

Qn1. Are you talking about approach procedures/plates which are actually labled BARO-VNAV approach rwy 16 or somthing like that ?.
Qn2. Most definately not !. VNAV is non-precision by nature.
Qn3. We don't as a rule however,I can't say I see any legal reason why not, wether or not its the best way to tackle the approach is another question.

Best rgds