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3rd Aug 2001, 07:10
Our company has been asked to operate two A300B4 freighter aircraft for a minimum three year period.
Generally these aircraft have been reasonably reliable in operation however only our chief F/E has operated them before.
Would be interested in comments regarding these aircraft, favorable or unfavorable, and especially range, fuel burn and payload information.
Our client requires "absolute reliability" (don't they all) so we may well have a third aircraft as a spare. Base would be SE Asia.

3rd Aug 2001, 12:23
My be teaching grandma to suck eggs BUT,

There are lots of different A300 conversions. There are also lots of different mod states depending on how much the aircraft was updated at the time of conversion.

You need to know exactly what state each aircraft is in.

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catch 22
3rd Aug 2001, 16:50

I've had really good all around experience operating A300 B4's for 8 years. By far most of the time was in pax config., but I did fly dedicated freighters too. The cabin volume allows full payload most times. I believe around 37 tons. The GE's are far better than Pratts, and as long as the aircraft have been well maintained you should have a profitable operation. Of course you are well aware of the shortish range, but if your operations are within 4 to 5 hours you should be alright.