View Full Version : Leuchars Airshow 13th September

8th Sep 2003, 01:22
Are any of the assembled contingent going to Leuchars on Saturday? I haven't been to an airshow in ages, and this is probably the last for the summer and the nearest one to where I live anyway.

So who's up for it? :ok:


10th Sep 2003, 02:12
Feeling a bit like Nobby No Mates here! :( Oh well!!!

10th Sep 2003, 14:39
It's not the last one for this year, you can still go to Shuttleworth on 20th Sep and 5th Oct - there'll be at least three PPRuNers there that I know of, and perhaps many more.......

10th Sep 2003, 17:40
I'll be there Firestorm. Any last minute news on "surprise" participants? I see from the web site that Typhoon is NOT attending (yet again!!). The weather forecast is looking dodgy at the minute, any local slant on that?