View Full Version : "Getaway" - a tad ticked off...

4th Sep 2003, 23:00
Dunno if any of you guys here saw the Concorde segment last week... but anyway....

thought I'd give the competition a go, sent a few SMSes, then tried the 1902 number.... proceeded to give name, address etc - halfway thru giving name, the call cut off to a dial tone. Same thing happened the other 4 times I tried. Did anyone else have this problem?

So had to rely on the old SMS. I'm just a tad ticked off here. If you dont have a mobile phone, what were you supposed to do? Not bother? Keep trying and get a huge phone bill, all thanks to them stuffing up the phone system? Seems a bit unfair.

And wouldn't you know it, it was won by a bloody Victorian.... :E: (dodging inevitable tomatoes, insults etc)

SkySista (West Aussie and proud of it)

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