View Full Version : Smillie or Vorderman??

4th Sep 2003, 19:37
I'm definitely a Smillie man meself, something about the accent and happy demaenour I think.

What about the rest of you?


4th Sep 2003, 19:50
Cant stand either of them myself.


4th Sep 2003, 19:51
Vordeman. Smillie's grin gets on me nads (anyway, someone said on a thread once she was a bit of an arse in real life).

4th Sep 2003, 19:54
Vorderman, definitely...all those wasted afternoons in college spent drooling over Carol's knee-high boots...mmmmmm!! :E

4th Sep 2003, 20:12
Not Smillie, no. Too many teeth :eek:

Now Vorderman, definitely, although she's looking a bit peaky these days. For heaven's sake woman, eat something !

If it's Carols you are after, may I respectfully suggest the new BBC weather presenter Carol Kirkwood. She's lovely !

lowfield heath
4th Sep 2003, 20:19
Carol Vorderman every time (or any time).:ok:

4th Sep 2003, 20:50
I suppose both in a Madonna / Britney style would be pushing it???

4th Sep 2003, 21:00
I suppose both in a Madonna / Britney style would be pushing it???

The mind boggles....mmmmmmmmmmmmm!!

:E :E :E

4th Sep 2003, 21:04
I'd like to unload on Smillies face.

Hmm how long before this is deleted?

Flying Boat
4th Sep 2003, 21:18
Vorderman definately, thinking man's totty!

Having said that, Smillies chin would look nice supporting my nuts. (another one for the chop Bodie?)


4th Sep 2003, 21:36
hehehe I think this is going to get even worse. :oh:

4th Sep 2003, 22:16
Oh god! I've created a monster!!

George Dicer
4th Sep 2003, 22:37
It's got to be old Voldemort, she's got the body, she's got the brains. Just a little over exposed but otherwise .....perfik!

Biggles Flies Undone
4th Sep 2003, 22:47
Carol Smileeeeeeeeeeeeeee? Oh puhleeeeeze! :yuk:

Vorderman? Very clever, very up her own backside and I'm absolutely sick and tired of her smug face on the TV whenever I can be bothered to turn it on.

Let's hear it for Natasha Kaplinski :ok:

P.S. George - you're a very naughty boy ;)

4th Sep 2003, 23:03
I think Vorderman would be a little more...ahem....'open minded' ;)

but then again, I bet she's had her fill of '2 from the top and 1 from the bottom' gags.

4th Sep 2003, 23:15
Vorderman for choice, but #1 choice at the moment is that weather bint off Sky News. . . the one with the really soft, breathy Irish accent. She's got a face like a sack of spanners. It tightens my nuts right up, so it does.

5th Sep 2003, 00:13

Bless you! Nasty cold you've got, by the sound of that sneeze on line 4....

Natasha? I agree though, she is a bit of alright. She knocks spots off those other two harpies.

Still prefer Christine Talbot, newslady from Yorkshire TV meself though.

5th Sep 2003, 00:38
who are these people?


5th Sep 2003, 00:56
who are these people?

Got to go home now Ozzy - will post some piccies tomorrow.

FYI - they are both TV "personalities" over here in blighty.

Unless some kind soul would have a quick google tonight and post some for me?!


5th Sep 2003, 01:25
Mod squad will have a field day with this when they get out of bed. :D

5th Sep 2003, 01:33
each to their own I guess, but personally I haven't any interest in either of them

5th Sep 2003, 01:42
If a=1 and b=2 etc.

Carol is

6 x x 3 11 12 14 7 1 12 15 12 7 8 20

5th Sep 2003, 05:34
Vorderman, definately. Although if Smillie has that big wad of cash in her hand as usual then I could be tempted.

My names Turkish
5th Sep 2003, 05:54
Hang on, a thread about Carol Vorderman and no Keygrip in the first Reply. He kind of likes her... Send out the missing persons alert!

5th Sep 2003, 06:32
FxxCKLNGALOLGHT, UL370 ? :confused:

Haven't been on the 16 9 19 19 have we ?

5th Sep 2003, 16:18
Excuse me - it's UL730 - 7

Didn't think anybody would actually work it out. That's where the thinking process went wrong.

If a = x - y and b= 14x 4.8976 and c = 41

Then Zora Suleman ..........mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Anthony Carn
5th Sep 2003, 16:29
Smilies ? Great fun. Especially the :} and the :{. Not keen on the :) .

"Ower Carol" has been looking rather wierd on Countdown of late. Her bottom (ooer) half has expanded phenominally to become even-more-than-previously mismatched with her top half.

So this thread is like asking - "Do you prefer rice pudding or semolina ?"

Answer = :yuk:

(If you pinned me down - God how I love being pinned down - I'd go for Carol. At least we could talk vulgar fractions.)

5th Sep 2003, 17:03
carol vordeman is a very nice witty intelligent and articualte woman,and is not a sex object to be leered at by less than perfect men like wot in habit this board..

now i shall make nose grow shorter again..glad to see that nit fearon has been banged up again,lying cheating little W @<hidden> *ker

5th Sep 2003, 17:06
Then Zora Suleman ..........mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Ahh, another R:ISE viewer!

Wouldn't watch it meself apart from 7.25 am and 7.55am when our gorgeous Zora appears. Mornings just wouldn't be mornings without seeing those 2!!

I can see another thread about newsreaders approaching. Probably been done already but just for the record.

Penny Smith
Oh and our lurvly Zora!


5th Sep 2003, 17:45
Ooops ! Soz, UL :O

Please accept another 360 with my compliments.

Zora, eh ? Nice, but I think I'll stick to the weather reports on the BBC....

Notso Fantastic
5th Sep 2003, 20:34
Vorderman any day! That put-on accent from Smillie, it's awful. It grates........definitely not Hampshire. Now Clair Short.......she sets your heart racing (because you're running at full speed)

5th Sep 2003, 22:37
Just for you Ozzy!

Carol Smillie (http://www.stephenpics.co.uk/smillie/ppages/ppage10.htm)

Carol Vorderman (http://www.celebritywonder.com/free/vorder~1_carol_~3.jpg.html)


5th Sep 2003, 22:48
Thanks dannyo, now I know what they look like! Well, there's not much doubt, has to be Smillie.:ok:


5th Sep 2003, 22:57
Good man Ozzy!:ok:

Windle Poons
5th Sep 2003, 23:17
Was there an option to have both? Would choose an Emily over a Carol (Maitlis to be precise) but if I had to choose a Carol, I would be in the Smillie camp. Must agree with Grainger, that there are some BBC weather reporters, mmmmmmmmm……


OUCH…… :ouch:

NOTE TO SELF - I must not comment on BBC weather reporters. Especially when the pilot sitting not more than two metres away has wife that does same.

5th Sep 2003, 23:57
No contest here:

Carol Smillie, ANY day, or night. :ok: :ok:

Carol Vorderman does not look too bad on the picture Dannyo supplied (but still no match to the sexy Smillie) however, recent appearances of Mrs.Vorderman have shown her now to be too thin, with a bony face and odly shaped figure. Dress sense is not her strongest point either! And you think Carol Smillies voice needs an overhaul? You should listen to Mrs.Vorderman!

Carol Smillie............aaaaaaaaaahh! :cool:

6th Sep 2003, 00:20
I'm sure there are better piccies of Mrs V around but being a Smillie fan meself....

6th Sep 2003, 00:22
I think of the Smille/Voldmort, its got to be Voldmort. She is all together better assembled physicallyand mentally.

Mensa rules

Ozzy, is it still possible to wake up looking at at Gillian Barberie in your part of the world ??

6th Sep 2003, 00:28
Aye, that's Jillian Barberie that does the weather. Don't watch it meself tho'


6th Sep 2003, 00:32
Had a quick Google and came up with this:

Jillian Barberie (http://www.tvbabes.com/newsbabes/jillian.html)

How could we lure her?

6th Sep 2003, 01:47

I don't know which edge you're over from, but Vords on Countdown about 3 weeks ago was dressed exactly as a schoolgirl:ok:. I almost e-mailed channel 4 to compliment her, but realised she might take it the wrong way and never do that again!! :uhoh:

6th Sep 2003, 04:21
I think I would like Gina McKee to serve up two from the top and one from behind please. Thank you very much. (Notting Hill, Forsyte Saga etc. in case you're wondering)

7th Sep 2003, 05:10
Aye, that's Jillian Barberie that does the weather

however she spells it, she's a babe - got a brain too!!

How could we lure her?

How could she lure me ?? . . . . . . oh that easily !!

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