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3rd Sep 2003, 20:56
As announced on BBC Look East lunchtime.

Display axis will move 250m further west towards American War Museum to increase distance from the M11.

vintage ATCO
3rd Sep 2003, 21:07
Is that because of the SAA B747-400 this Saturday. . . ? ;)

3rd Sep 2003, 23:51

4th Sep 2003, 04:43
If they'd put the M11 in a tunnel right from the start, without carving up our National heritage, then there would be no need to move the display datum.

Will Germaine Greer be happy now?

5th Sep 2003, 00:06
Just got back from the Press Preview for the Dux show over the weekend and saw the SAA 747 routine. It's awesome, the only word for it. From it's appearance from behind the Superhangar to it's spiral climb departure words fail me. The guy with the geese following his microlight are good as well....but different!

5th Sep 2003, 01:26
Any news on the rumour that the eastern car park outside Hanger 1 has been greatly reduced in size to allow for a revised Jet Park?

Its my favourite end of the airfield.

5th Sep 2003, 04:57
Looking at the participants list, Duxford looks like a good show to be at this weekend. Lots of new items:ok:

I think the idea of moving the display datum to the west will also mean that the crowd are encouraged to spectate from the western end of the airfield. Display datum is now in line with the AAM instead of the Tower.

5th Sep 2003, 20:34
The car park's the same overall size, but what has been done is that it has now been properly surfaced in asphalt, a few little paybooths have been put in and some lanes marked out. It reduces the number of spaces but makes it more organised.

They have also thoughtfully added a set of traffic lights for rejoining the main road, which is v.useful for those like me who often drop in on their way home from work if something interesting's about.

A useful tip - if you go in after 1630 on a non-show day, the payment desk is not manned, and you can walk around for free (in the summer months). As they don't close 'til six, it gives a good amount of time.

6th Sep 2003, 02:52

She''ll never be happy, till us lot(males) talk with a higher pitch!!:mad:

6th Sep 2003, 04:07
The main car park is not the car park in question. It is the area that the airliners used to be parked on.