View Full Version : Iraqis bombed, perps caught. Yanks/Brits killed, perps still at large

31st Aug 2003, 22:13
Do I dectect a quantifable difference in the time taken to arrest the suspected bombers after 100+ Iraqis have been killed by a car bomb and the time taken for someone to be arrested after coalition troops or aid workers are killed by bombs?

In a similar vein, is it time the Coalition pointed out to the Iraqi populace that if gunmen are going to snipe at Coalition troops from within a crowd of protestors, that crowd of protestors needs to accept that they all become a valid target for like lethal retaliation if they do not immediately apprehend the gunmen themselves?

My wife made a cynical observation as soon as she heard of the bomb that killed the senior Shiite cleric and 100 other Iraqis that the Iraqis would certainly blame the Americans for the lack of security. Sure enough, the headline in today's paper was virtually a repeat of what she said.

The Iraqis are turning into closet Palestineans - coming up with the same line: "it's always someone else's fault".

I know it won't happen as long as there's a drop of exportable oil in the country, but maybe it's time the "silent majority" are reminded that unless they get their fingers out and do something about controlling the people who are doing their damnest to prevent the Coalition from providing the civic services and system of law they are attempting to provide, maybe they'll deserve everything they get when the Americans eventually leave them to sort the mess out themselves.

31st Aug 2003, 23:55
Welcome to the Middle East, thus has been and always will be.

"The enemy of my enemy is my friend", goes the old Arab saying.

I'm not surprised by what you have pointed out, and it is entirely predictable.

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