View Full Version : BALPA, whats a LOW FRILLS airline?

Bomber Harris
30th Aug 2003, 18:07
A few months ago I recieved a questionaire from BALPA with LOW FRILLS AIRLINE survey slapped all over it. Apparently they are trying to get 'in tune' with pilots from LOW FRILLS airlines.

Now I've heard of LOW FARES airlines and I've heard of NO FRILLS airlines....but what on earth does LOW FRILLS mean?

I must admit...it made me bin it because I felt it must have been written by an ex-graduate sidekick as a project to keep someone busy. If it was written by an airline person they would have at least known what the subject airlines were called.

There.....it's off my chest!

31st Aug 2003, 00:13
Actually, they mean a 'low-thrills' airline. Basically, the fewer the thrills, the safer the airline.....

Few Cloudy
31st Aug 2003, 03:34
Bomber - you have missed the drift. This refers to cabin crew uniforms and the height of the frills used. This has a direct bearing on fixed operating costs. So high frills hide more, whereas low frills - perish the thought... In a sense then, I am glad it is "Off your chest!"