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26th Aug 2003, 09:04
Since installing the latest Win2000 service pack update I am unable to access some sites ( only 1 or 2 that were previously accessible ). Zone Alarm Pro program monitor shows Common Client CC App blocked from listening to port(s) TCP: 1024/1027/1045/1048. These ports seem to be random as they are not all shown at every access attempt. I have no idea if this is related and I have double checked that the firewall approval for the required sites is in place. Any and all assistance welcomed.

Naples Air Center, Inc.
26th Aug 2003, 09:57

TCP: 1024 is one of the ports the MSBlaster Worm uses to enter systems. Here is some more information on the port:

Port 1024 (https://grc.com/port_1024.htm)

Take Care,


26th Aug 2003, 12:20
Thanks Richard - I had guessed that the latest service pack had prevented it being listened to for just that reason. I don't think the worm is the cause of my problem. Have no idea what it is however.

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