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18th Feb 2002, 21:23
Anybody have experience, positive or negative, with the ANR kit from <a href="http://www.headsetsinc.com" target="_blank">www.headsetsinc.com</a> ? Looks like a great way to upgrade without the expense of a factory new ANR headset.

I would be upgrading my DC 13.4. For that matter, anybody know of other companies that offer such kits, and which one give the best bang for buck?

Mark 1
19th Feb 2002, 18:27
I bought a kit from Headsets inc. just over a year ago to put in a DC H10-20.

It took about 2hrs for me to install (as a non-electrician) and has been working very well ever since.

20th Feb 2002, 07:12
Yep i had one a gentex helmet ag flying was a WOFTAM...... the power suppy used to put noise through the other radios and eventually a speaker gave up now i just wear earplugs. However every other ag pilot i have spoken to thought it was great. They couldnt speah highly enough of it, and if it can survive ag flying it must be good. So it must have just been mine...

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