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Colonel Blink
25th Aug 2003, 09:48
From the BBC (here) (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/3178599.stm)

Haiti plane crash kills 21

A passenger plane has crashed in the Caribbean island of Haiti, killing all 21 on board.
Police in Cap-Haitien said the aircraft, operated by Tropical Airways, crashed into a sugar-cane field and caught fire after taking off for the north-western city of Port-de-Paix.

The 19 passengers aboard were Haitian nationals but the two pilots might have been foreigners.

Private Station Radio Maxima said witnesses saw smoke coming from the twin-propeller plane, which had also sent distress signals to the Cap-Haitien control tower.

The radio station's director, Jean-Robert Lalane, told the Associated Press news agency there was an explosion and crash.

Other reports said a door on the aircraft had not been shut properly, and opened following takeoff.

Cap-Haitien is 260 kilometres (160 miles) north of the capital Port-au-Prince.

Thoughts to the loved one of those involved - not seen it mentioned here, anyone able to elaborate?

25th Aug 2003, 10:55
LET-410 according to AP:

Turangi Vice
26th Aug 2003, 11:18
I meet the Captain of the Let in CAP last week. A nice guy with plenty of experience. It will be interesting to hear the facts once they complete their investigation.

Condolences to the families

Bomber Harris
30th Aug 2003, 17:36
Turangi, I was in PAP the day of the crash. Just got back to UK this morning. Only knew the capt to see. Everybody on the ramp at PAP held him in high regard. I heard the F/O was a young spanish guy who was over there hour building. I have spoken to quite a few people abou the crash, including one of the owners and a mechanic who was at the scene. The thing is, it was an eastern block built aircraft which had an accident on Haitian soil while on the Haitian register. A proper investigation is unlikely to ever be carried out, but maybe I will be proven wrong. The stories I got have some unbelievable elements to them so I think they could be classed as 'speculation' and it would not be in good taste to spout them out. The insurance investigator arrived in PAP 3 days ago. Maybe his experience may shed some light on things. My condolances to the crew and passengers. RIP.