View Full Version : Southend Vulcan what-if?

22nd Aug 2003, 20:58
I was mentioning to a friend that there was a Vulcan at Southend airport, and he asked me whether the Vulcan would be able to take off from there if it was airworthy.

I said "I don't know, but I know where I can find out...!"

So does anyone know how long the take-off run on a Vulcan is and whether it would get off the runway at Southend?


23rd Aug 2003, 16:22
How long is a piece of string? The TODA at Southend is 5164 feet. Apart from weight, the take-off run is dependant on many factors, such as runway slope, temp, pressure, wind, etc. A fully fuelled Vulcan carrying a wet Blue Steel would be mightily embarrassed, but since the Southend Vulcan would carry neither Blue Steel nor a full fuel load, then it would have no problems.

You want it when?
24th Aug 2003, 05:49
Coming from the school of thought - if it got in there without being bent then it can probably get out. Southend has some pretty long strips - it is leaning towards a GA field (ducks) but it coud easily stand for a Vulcan. IMHO of course.

country calls
27th Aug 2003, 03:39
Im pretty sure XM655 has to have enough fuel onboard during its fast taxi runs to divert to Brize, if it all gets out of hand and the crew decide to slip the surly bonds. Purely a safety thing you will understand, and nothing to do with getting a tin triangle aloft for old times sake!!!!

27th Aug 2003, 20:21
Almost did get out once, didn't she?? I seem to remember some filming being done for a TV programme, and the old girl was 95% on the way to being airborne - in fact, didn't all the wheels get off the ground?

Then again, could just be a rumour........:cool:

No comment
28th Aug 2003, 02:18
Seem to remember at Bruntingthorpe a few years back the long grass in between the crowdline and the tarmac obstructed what was probably a little "hop"...

Going back more years, did XH558 ever base itself at biggin for displays or did it come in from Manston or wherever (you'll have to excuse me but I was only early teens when I last saw her!)

28th Aug 2003, 16:07
Stretching the memory a bit, but I'm - fairly - sure it did land at Biggin when displaying there. Never been sure why F-16s don't land at Biggin as most other fighters seem to - doesn't the F-16 have a chute? Weight might have been an issue with the Vulcan, but the Orbis DC-8 came in one year...

28th Aug 2003, 18:01
F-16s have truoble finding Biggin; at least the Dutch pair that started to display at Kenley a few years back did.:)

28th Aug 2003, 18:52
I well remember that, Gainsey! They sailed past Biggin to the west, terrorised Kenley who apparently had a couple of gliders airborne at the time and just had time to do one pass at Biggin! We were shouting "Oi! Over here...!" but somehow I doubt they heard us!

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29th Aug 2003, 01:50
treadigraph, any pics of the DC-8?! if it was about 15 years ago then thats probably what I saw on the way home from junior school one day buzzing wallington

29th Aug 2003, 06:42
Sorry, not fifteen years ago, possibly ten. No photos either! I think they upgraded to a DC-10 since then though!