View Full Version : Dash 8-400 at BRU last night?

6th Feb 2002, 14:01
Saw emergency services attend an SAS Dash 8-400 at about 1850 last night on runway 25R at BRU.Just wondered what was wrong with the beast this time.Dispite being told how all the faults have been sorted they seem to have their share of them. <img src="smile.gif" border="0"> <img src="smile.gif" border="0">

7th Feb 2002, 22:52
They would have to pay me alot of money to fly that thing!

7th Feb 2002, 23:18
Why is it that SAS is having the majority of problems with the Q400? Tyrolean, Horizon etc. don't seem to be having as many problems.

10th Feb 2002, 00:27
Hopefully you will have all the bugs worked out before my company orders them. I think SAS's policy of not being a launch customer again is a valid one. Let someone else be the guinea pig.


17th Feb 2002, 20:15
Autoland and VNAV?. .The DHC8-Q400 is not equipped with autothrottle...

Capt Pit Bull
17th Feb 2002, 22:15
Autothrottle is not a pre requisite for autolanding.


Danish Pilot
17th Feb 2002, 23:16
Michael B:

What you have seen is normal. It doesnīt track parralel to the llz, it tracks into the llz center even though it looks like the deflection is "frozen" at about half deflection on the EHSI. As the cone narrows towards the llz antenna, the deflection would have increased, not have stayed in the "half deflection". I dont fly the Q400, but on the ATR, when the autopilot goes from heading to llz capture (refferd to as "loc star" in the ATR), it will bank up to 30 degrees depending on the "closeure speed" towards the llz. Once the turn into the llz goes from "capture" to "tracking" it will correct into where it is supposed to be slowly. Everything is still within the obstacle clearence limit. This sometimes happenīs when there is crosswind on the final approach track, and the aircraft flies in headwind uppon "capture". Correct me if Iīm wrong. <img src="cool.gif" border="0">

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