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  1. Jetstar takes off with high hopes
  2. Plane Rolls Off Nelson Runway
  3. Jetstars First Day- Any Feedback???
  4. MP Plays Up on Qantas Flight!
  5. Missed approach due "indicator"
  6. Engineers Advertise Aircraft Safety Concerns.
  7. Jetstar Asia buys 4 A320s
  8. Ouch
  9. No ATC Services for Jetstar
  10. Perth Traffic Holding
  11. 5 STAR Ratings ?
  12. Anti-ATC hacking pprune?
  13. $70 Taxi Ride For A $65 Flight.
  14. Pay rise for Sky Marshalls
  15. Jetstar Hits The Skies.
  16. Jetstar's Entry Changes Virgin Ground Rules.
  17. Tcas & See-and-avoid - Lessons From Ueberlingen
  18. Qantas Plane Only 800M From Disaster.
  19. RAAFs new B737 AEW&C Surveillance and Control aircraft flies for the first time today
  20. Airline Price War Brings Holiday Rush For Pacific Islands.
  21. With Longer Flights, Now A Cupboard For Corpses.
  22. GWA info?
  23. Introducing ....... Boeing's Electric 7E7.
  24. virgin blue pulling out of Mt Isa and now going back again?
  25. Royal Tongan Airlines Grounded.
  26. listen very carefully for I shall say this only once
  27. NAS on 7:30 Report Thursday night
  28. VH-OGV re-enters service with a new look
  29. Australian Airlines announces new destination
  30. Vb Rosters
  31. Airlines to Darwin
  32. Dick's at it again
  33. News: QF applies for HKG-LHR, extra UK flights
  34. Why Planes Fall (T.V Documentary) SBS - Tuesday 18th May
  35. Captains undercutting FO's. The new low!
  36. Jetstar and Pay Scales
  37. Virgin Results
  38. Censorship of comment critical of Jetstar on this forum
  39. THe small things that make your day
  40. Caboolture Airshow
  41. Rex Hunt and Knives bound for Melbourne
  42. journalism goes far far far below being defender of the truh
  43. NAS - Has it changed your standards?
  44. NAS and the Lowest Common Denominator
  45. Jet Connect - a Clayton QANTAS?
  46. To the Edge of Space and Back Again
  47. Air Pacific expands to CBR, CHC
  48. Backpackers Xpress In Talks With UK Airline.
  49. Panic Buttons at MEL
  50. Qantas $6 Fuel Surcharge
  51. Jetstar crows as it readies for take-off
  52. Ready for the Lunatic Asylum!
  53. Message for Dick
  54. Air NZ near-crash A320 thread
  55. Wellington Base for Air Nelson???
  56. Virginblue's night landing proserpine Q
  57. Midsate Airlines AOC Cancelled
  58. Virgin Taxis to Darwin GA
  59. Australia, US Sign Air Marshal Agreement.
  60. Out on the town in uniform!
  61. Norfolk Jet Eager To Fly To Auckland.
  62. We're Low Cost, But High Standard: Jetstar.
  63. Govt set to buy two Wedgetails
  64. Scramble for Skywest a dogfight
  65. Origin Pacific survives (for now)
  66. Rex here to stay
  67. Jetstar Hiring ?
  68. Avalon Airport
  69. Possible Law Suit
  70. Crap NAS system
  71. ATSB Media Release Midair Collisions 1961-2003.
  72. Emirates will use Auckland as global hub, says Air NZ
  73. Virgin Atlantic push awaits HK clearance
  74. Air NZ/QANTAS Alliance
  75. Live frog in QF inflight salad (merged)
  76. Traffic Information NAS S3
  77. Traffic Holding "Standing Advisories"
  78. DJ go-around YMML 0345Z 01/05/04
  79. Ten airlines in dogfight over the Tasman
  80. New QF International Services
  81. fuel conversions
  82. Virgin Blue Share Price below issue and still falling
  83. A380, Will Qantas Go For Security, Or Pax Comfort?
  84. ETOPS Safety Reforms Fly into Stoush
  85. Airline puts rescue plan to creditors QO Owes over $11M
  86. Airnorth to Kupang
  87. Virgin Poised For Airbus Aircraft Order.
  88. ATSB Report On Boeing B717 Incident 5 May 2003.
  89. The "Real" Statistics
  90. PNG Minister slams Qantas
  91. Fighter jets hit by cost blowout
  92. In the spirit of "Fair-Play"
  93. Jetstar may never get off the ground
  94. WINSTUN BANNED - Reminiscences
  95. 7E7 is bloody ugly! Any wonder ANA has grabbed it!
  96. Virgin Blue Chief Executive Godfrey Eyes Asia's `Pots of Gold'
  97. PACIFIC EXPRESS AIRLINES....we can finance that ticket for you
  98. Interesting Flight Plan
  99. Jetstar.
  100. Boeing Lands $6 Billion Deal For 50 New 7E7s.
  101. Intruder at YPPH
  102. My Hero
  103. Now The Boeing 747 Advanced.
  104. Origin Pacific layoffs ex NZ Herald
  105. Air NZ: The decision coverage continues
  106. Dick Shifty, Class E Airspace & TCAS
  107. Lest we forget......
  108. Singapore's Valuair Takes To The Skies In May.
  109. Virgin Blue says can fend off Jetstar threat
  110. Ansett Aircraft Value Plummets
  111. ATSB's NAS report
  112. Royal Tongan Suspends Bookings
  113. Dick Smith Now Blames Virgin Captain, And His lack Of Training.
  114. Pacific Blue's huge Blue
  115. 7E7 Boeing's new load star
  116. Gatecrash risk ramps up
  117. Virgin Blue shares not flying according to plan
  118. Lockhart River and the bottle of wine affair.
  119. Eagle interviews
  120. Origin Pacific Lay Off Staff
  121. Kununurra gets ready for return of jet services
  122. New name for Jetstar????
  123. QO 1pm National Meeting
  124. Class E Airspace Is Safe
  125. Be scared? Freedom getting A319!!
  126. Australia to buy dumbed down Joint Strike fighter?
  127. ATSB Media Release For The Virgin Blue Brisbane Incident.
  128. Qantas pregnancy policy 'flawed'
  129. Cost savings in NAS - what are the facts?
  130. Brisbane Virgin incident - what are the facts?
  131. Pilots Paying for Jobs
  132. Aviation shares
  133. Freedomair to get 319's
  134. Why do we need to be more restrictive than the USA?
  135. Budget airlines eye Illawarra/Shoalhaven
  136. Osama bin Dick?
  137. Frequency Planning Chart AIC
  138. How long have Cessna made helicopters?
  139. Nice job by QF 26
  140. Latest on QF's LHR landing slots
  141. A Singapore without SIA?
  142. Skywest takeover looms
  143. Travolta still keen on Qantas
  144. Your wallet gets you the job..
  145. RAAF chooses A330
  146. HK, Australia strike airline deal
  147. Software deal to lift the lid of the black boxes
  148. Air NZ chosing A330?
  149. Eagle doing the Ring Around
  150. How low can they go??
  151. Captain Cook
  152. Slanderous Smith Comments
  153. Qantas flies into 'cheap fare' row
  154. Virtual pilot lands Qantas jet
  155. 2004 Skytrax Airline of the Year
  156. Close Calls Point To Air Safety Time Bomb.
  157. Virgin ready for a 'gunfight'
  158. Fireball overtakes Virgin
  159. US air marshal leaves gun in airport restroom
  160. Qantas 'will do right thing' on Burma
  161. TCAS Should be mandatory on More aircraft
  162. Are all ATCOs members of Civil Air?
  163. MU2 USA crash. A prompt NTSB preliminary report.
  164. Virgin & AirAsia II
  165. Reduce speed limits in Class E airspace now!
  166. IAC GLOBAL Vietnam Contract
  167. Selling the farm
  168. Striking Gold with old DCA Aviation Safety Digests
  169. Geoffrey and the jets
  170. Just heard "Cheap B737-300 endorsements on offer
  171. Virgin & Air Asia
  172. What's Q seat/mile cost?
  173. BEST US Airline
  174. Outrage over Qantas costs
  175. Just announced: New low-cost airline for Asia - QF to invest
  176. What Price Safety?
  177. Strange DJ Flight Path
  178. Near Miss 20 South of AY
  179. New QF ADL-AKL. What other new routes in new air war?
  180. How to fix the Australian Aviation Industry?
  181. "Undesirable" SQ Capt forced to leave Singapore
  182. Wudn't it be better to new??
  183. High altitude radiation chart. Wanted?
  184. Ryanair, that's a bit rich
  185. Finally Mobile Phones Will Be Used On Aircraft.
  186. Embraer 170 tours Australia
  187. accident rate prompts casa to target pilot training
  188. Ansett workers may get $85m extra
  189. Employers to stop overtly monitoring emails
  190. Navajo Panther
  191. Emirates increase Tasman flights
  192. Regionallink
  193. Narrowing the Human Factor
  194. Accident rate prompts CASA to target pilot training
  195. Flying in on a Wing and a Flair
  196. Airspace Directorate to be formed.
  197. Arrest over airport hoax
  198. Can We Afford These Cheap Air Fares?
  199. Turbo props to Flinders Island ?
  200. Qantas opens graduate recruitment programs
  201. Vertical Situation Display (VSD)
  202. Final Air Niugini F28 into Australia
  203. Air Nelson making ATR enquiries
  204. Doors policy at Virgin Blue?
  205. Qantas buys 5 new 737-800s
  206. QANTAS A330 Air Con Noise?
  207. VOR on Today
  208. Qantas hosties revolt looming
  209. Censorship, Part deux
  210. Decorum please on the flight deck.
  211. Pacific Blue
  212. Chasing the cheap seats
  213. New Airlines Eager to fly Australian Skies
  214. Boeing accuses Airbus of dumping
  215. Qantas' loop over timetable
  216. Jetstar set to announce more flights from Avalon Airport
  217. A question with questionable answers!
  218. Archived ATSB/CASA accident reports?
  219. East Coast Incident
  220. Linfox talks big with $3m Avalon Airport facelift
  221. Boeing's pitch for air refuel tankers
  222. Higher plane for missions unflappable (Geoffrey Thomas)
  223. Qantas seeks range
  224. Censorship!
  225. Why So Many Bluddy Stickies on NAS??!!
  226. Bogus ATC radio traffic in Perth
  227. Qantas slash NZ domestic fares
  228. 737-300 Recruitment
  229. Any Aussie Pilot in South Africa
  230. Air NZ Says To Increase Flights To Australia
  231. PNG 'launch pad for terror attack'
  232. VIRGIN Flies Into Turbulence - News Article
  233. Air NZ Says May Face Up To NZ$107M In Extra Tax
  234. JetStar Customer Service Melb
  235. Jetstary ends Virgin's ride
  236. Virgin back down on "Kiss Urinals"
  237. NAS Rollback Injunction
  238. Ozjet fails to secure take-off clearance
  239. Dick Smith Uses the Radio!!
  240. NZ's only Fouga crashes
  241. Skippers Aviation & QF Cadet scheme
  242. Oxygen levels on short flights found to be low
  243. Jetstar staff fear air rage
  244. Qantas to set up LCC in Singapore
  245. Latest on QF's LHR landing slots
  246. Pilots face drug and alcohol tests
  247. Job prospects
  248. SAAB 340b Ferry/Older Ferry Pilots
  249. Another airline heads downunder
  250. NAS and the Broome Airport design study