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southside bobby 9th Nov 2020 11:51

Newquay has closed its terminal to passengers for the time being in a short statement this morning.

cornishsimon 10th Nov 2020 23:38

Loganair seem to be increasing routes at nqy. The latest addition being MME

so loganair will operate MME and MAN in addition to eastern.

MAN777 4th Jan 2021 19:29

Newquay airport closed

Wycombe 5th Jan 2021 09:03

Not strictly true, the airfield would appear to be open just not the terminal for scheduled airline ops.

Martin the Martian 16th Jan 2021 13:19

So Boris has just announced that the 2021 G7 summit will be held in Cornwall.

I should imagine that Newquay Airport management have just had a collective panic attack.

SKOJB 16th Jan 2021 13:32

US government will most likely utilise the highly secure RAF Fairford for Biden visit as with Obama to Wales

Wycombe 16th Jan 2021 16:41

Fairford is a long way from St Ives! (over 200 miles)

More likely they use NQY and bring a lot of security, or bring him over in something smaller (eg, 757, like Trump at SOU) that could use the Military security of Culdrose (longest runway 1800m)
which is pretty close.

NQY has a lot of space, plenty for the Govt widebodies and military accompanyment.

Asturias56 16th Jan 2021 17:34

It's the 20,000 journalists who will be using Newquay......................

Did he say WHERE in Cornwall? There can't be many options........................

Asturias56 16th Jan 2021 17:59

All the articles on G7 in Cornwall seems to have been pulled - a google search linked to a number of pages at different pages but they're all "not available"

Sounds like either someone mis-heard or they jumped the gun....................

Martin the Martian 16th Jan 2021 18:03


Carbis Bay, near St.Ives.

Curious Pax 16th Jan 2021 18:15

Actual venue seems to be where Mrs CP and I had our wedding reception 25 years ago! Nephew already had a visit to Carbis Bay booked for what I think is the likely week of the Summit. Told him driving from there to St Ives that week might be challenging! Assumes that we’re down to Tier 1 or 2 by then of course!

Wycombe 16th Jan 2021 21:15

If its the Carbis Bay Hotel, it's a nice place (and not cheap), but big enough to host a G7?

LTNman 17th Jan 2021 06:01

G7: UK to host Cornwall seaside summit in summer https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-55678267

Wycombe 17th Jan 2021 08:12

The venue mentioned is Tregenna Castle, which is a larger and more secluded location and makes more sense for security etc.

Martin the Martian 18th Jan 2021 13:47

Tregenna would make a lot more sense, but it is indeed the Carbis Bay Hotel.

Asturias56 18th Jan 2021 16:40

They're putting the media centre in the Maritime Museum at Falmouth

has anyone ever driven between there and St Ives? the highways and byways are going to be clogged solid..

and how the Beast will get around is anyone's guess - should open up a few roads tho'......

GROUNDHOG 18th Jan 2021 19:15

I have lived in this area for the past eighteen years so have a fair idea. Driving between Falmouth and Carbos Bay is not an issue, "The beast" is a minnow compared to a lot of traffic that will use these roads. Tregenna Castle will be easy for landing helicopters so wouldn't that be the most likely way VIP's would get in and out, probably flying back to St Mawgan, or, is even RAF Chivenor an option? What is likely to be more of an issue in Falmouth is finding beds for all of the media.
By coincidence I also happen to be a volunteer with D&C Police so will possibly be a tiny cog in the huge traffic flow and management task, should be really interesting!
Finally I hear there is a plan to try to launch the first space flight at the same time, Better get a bigger car park!!

gkmeech 18th Jan 2021 23:31

G7 Arrivals
How about using RNAS Culdrose , then helicopter to Carbis Bay.

GROUNDHOG 19th Jan 2021 10:15

Thinking about it, there should only be one movement in and one out of any leaders aircraft and apart from President Biden none will likely be using any aircraft needing massive runways. The biggest issue will be security whilst stored. To avoid turning NQY in to a fortress, logistically it would surely be far more secure to use an existing military base such as Culdrose, Chivenor or even Lyneham then simply helicopter to the golf course right by the Hotel. Lyneham is a long way away and I have no idea the range of helicopters that could fly to Carbis Bay quickly so that maybe not practical. Culdrose is about half the distance in road time from the Hotel than NQY so another reason it may be more suitable. NQY to Carbis Bay the access roads are arguably better but even from Culdrose they are not a problem.
There are many local rumours about making changes at NQY, spending hundreds on upgrades, but, these must surely be just rumours. Where NQY will of course stand to earn real extra revenue is from the hangers on, press, support teams who will be flying in and out commercially in thousands.
We will see what happens the only thing I would recommend is avoid taking your holidays that week.

BA318 19th Jan 2021 12:09

It’s really not that big of an issue. These planes use commercial airports all the time.

as for the size of the aircraft Japan will also come by 777-300. Germany could use their A350. Korea has been invited so they would likely use their 747 too. Biden isn’t the only one with a big jet.

There is even a large chance they will go to London and then just use cars/coaches to go down to Cornwall. This is what has been done for State Visits by some leaders that have gone outside London.

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