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ATNotts 16th Sep 2020 07:19

East Midlands-7
BBC Breakfast are reporting from EMA this morning on the air cargo industry, and how well it is doing relative to commercial aviation as a whole. All good publicity for the airport.

southside bobby 16th Sep 2020 16:49

Not to forget little `ol STN all part of The MAG Group...

EMA July + 21.2%
EMA August +18.5%

STN July +43.6%
STN August + 25%

The increase driver being "home shopping".

BHX5DME 17th Sep 2020 14:24

MAG Group

August Pax

STN – 901,749 down 68.5%

MAN – 677,284 down 79.7%

EMA – 128,065 down 78.9%

12m pax end 31.08.20

STN – 15,103,532 down 46.8%

MAN – 14,831,610 down 49.4%

EMA – 2,087,699 down 56.5%


EMA – 34,532 up 18.5%

STN – 21,972 up 24.3%

MAN – 3,614 down 62.4%

Balair 8th Oct 2020 10:44


Looking for an update on their operation at EMA.

Have UPS completed their move to the new hub facility yet?
I haven’t seen any announcement in the trade press so far, so I suppose it may still be in a transitional phase?

Also, has there been any indication of any future use for their vacated premises?

BHX5DME 14th Oct 2020 14:56

MAG Stats September 2020
September Pax

Stansted = 663,890 down 74.6%

Manchester = 630,943 down 78.6%

East Midlands = 104,544 down 81.0%

September Cargo

East Midlands = 40,645 up 31.5%

Stansted = 24,175 up 22.4%

Manchester = 3,677 down 59.1%

Pax 12m ending 30.09.20

Stansted = 13,156,636 down 53.5%

Manchester = 12,514,809 down 57.5%

East Midlands = 1,642,009 down 65.8%

BHX5DME 11th Nov 2020 10:37

October Pax

MAN – 400,077 down 84.0%

STN – 398,989 down 84.0%

EMA – 65,826 down 84.4%

12m Rolling Pax at 31.10.20

STN - 11,068,457 down 60.8%

MAN – 10,414,721 down 64.6%

EMA – 1,285,384 down 72.8%

October Cargo

EMA – 38,979 up 11.8%

STN – 25,234 up 22.5%

MAN – 4,145 down 58.1%

LBIA 12th Nov 2020 13:24

Jet2 new route from East Midlands for summer 2021

Skiathos = 1x weekly (Sun) commences May 23rd

BHX5DME 11th Dec 2020 10:28

MAG Stats – November 2020

November Pax

MAN – 166,317 down 90.9%

STN – 160,805 down 91.5%

EMA – 17,136 down 93.2%

12m Rolling Pax

STN – 9,340,917 down 66.8%

MAN – 8,755,690 down 70.2%

EMA – 1,091,665 down 76.8%


EMA – 41,613 up 26.45%

STN – 19,810 down 9.4%

MAN – 4,417 Down 54.0%

LTNman 28th Dec 2020 10:50


ATNotts 28th Dec 2020 10:58

And what is so sad is that all most people, including those on AA&R threads, are bothered about are Passengers, passengers and passengers.

EMA is a commercial aviation success story, and was even before MAG took it over. Cargo is the airport's saviour, and likely it's future.

Balair 28th Dec 2020 12:08

Quite so. I’ve watched with interest, the incredible growth of the freight operation at EMA over the years since I used to export through there. I can only see this growth continuing over the coming years considering the increasing expansion of freight related facilities on and around the airport.

ATNotts 28th Dec 2020 12:54

Air cargo and parcels; one of the few sectors that will definitely benefit from Brexit, and the pandemic. Other airports, such as DSA and BHX have done very well out of both in the last few months, in the last few weeks, BHX has dene particularly well from the former, and that shows no sign of changing in the New Year. EMA will do likewise.

Obviously it's hard, when EMA is part of MAG to see how it is faring financially this financial year, and how much revenue has been lost, given the high growth rate in cargo, versus the collapse of passenger revenues. I would bet that EMA's balance sheet is a deal more healthy than much larger rivals such as MAN, STN, GLA, BHX and their like.

almost professional 28th Dec 2020 13:48

But you can bet that MAG will still not invest anything but the minimum they can get away with at EMA, calling the Runway resurfacing ‘investment’ is the classic example

ATNotts 29th Dec 2020 09:45

From the passenger facilities standpoint I agree, they are pretty dire, but when one of your major passenger customers is Ryanair who would like as likely walk away from EMA is they were asked to pay more than a pittance for the terminal facilities there is little financial incentive to invest more than is absolutely necessary. There are no full service carriers, such as KL, LH, AF or EK who would require for their business class passengers some level of creature comforts and with the best will in the world, good as the are sad to be, Jet2 aren't a premium carrier either.

On the cargo side MAG would appear to have been more than willing to work with their client base to ensure a world class cargo facility, and that cooperation and investment is really paying dividends now.

egnxema 29th Dec 2020 15:03

DHL have signed up for 2 units at EMGateway, 900,000 sq ft.

Will this his result in increased DHL air ops, or is the Gateway facility just for the rail terminal there?

NutLoose 30th Dec 2020 20:46

almost professional

I’d be happy if they put the missing bollards back on the little central traffic islands past DHL, they are bloody dangerous at night when it’s wet, you cannot see them. I’m amazed there hasn’t been an accident along there. They have been missing for months now.

NutLoose 1st Jan 2021 14:33

Plans are being drawn up to put in a bid to extend Nottingham’s tram system out to Derby and East Midlands Airport.


Twiglet1 1st Jan 2021 14:47

Notloose - let alone the pot holes that appear seasonally in the ring road - god forbid if you stop also as the camera police will have you

ATNotts 1st Jan 2021 15:33


My understanding was the the NET tram connection to EMA was the be an extension from the current Clifton terminus, and it would serve new residential developments planned for the A453 corridor between Clifton and Kegworth. I'd have though the cost of putting it through from Toton (as the article suggests) would be much greater, and blight a lot more current residential property than running it from Clifton; which would probably be a faster journey as well.

But then I'm not an infrastructure planner.

inOban 1st Jan 2021 15:58

The extension to Toton is linked to the Eastern arm of HS2, if it happens. Of course that would provide direct trains from Toton to BHX

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