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MKY661 13th Dec 2020 17:04

Inaugural arrival of Wizz Air into GIB on Friday evening:

Cloud1 15th Dec 2020 08:51

I assume the weather was out yesterday as BA diverted to AGP and the return cancelled. Wizz got in but doesn’t appear to have left?

eye2eye5 15th Dec 2020 09:29

Reported on Aviation Herald that the inbound Wizz flight received a bird strike. Should depart today.

MKY661 27th Dec 2020 13:02

Appears EasyJet have quietly dropped the LTN-GIB route and this will not operate in 2021.

cavokblues 27th Dec 2020 14:51

I wonder if this is because of Wizz coming on the route or if it was planned otherwise?

racedo 28th Dec 2020 09:42

Easyjet holding their powder dry is more likely. The battle for passengers and growth will start when millions ready to fly again.

MKY661 28th Dec 2020 14:07

To be fair I did find EasyJet's Luton schedule a bit odd. Wouldn't run at all during the peak summer season where you could argue the demand was the highest, and not operating it at a high frequency compared to what Monarch offered. Anyway hope they will bring it back once demand rises again.

Edinburgh continues to be bookable from March 2021, although it isn't bookable after October unlike the other 3 routes they operate.

MKY661 2nd Feb 2021 19:35

As reported on the Eastern thread, it appears Eastern will be starting up a route to Southampton, with potential of others as well.

EasyJet's route to EDI has had its start date pushed back to 4th May 2021, initially operating weekly until June where it will go to 2 weekly. Subject to change of course.

Derry321 4th Feb 2021 08:37

Eastern launching Birmingham as well as Southampton.

Good news on paper - however Eastern are not known to always give routes a full chance before pulling them, so let's hope bookings are strong!

MKY661 4th Feb 2021 09:17

Now confirmed that Eastern Airways will be starting routes to Southampton and Birmingham. Fights will operate on a W pattern except for the first Southampton service which is due to start on 24th May. Birmingham will start on 28th:

T3874 SOU-GIB Dep. 07:05 Arr. 10:55
T3975 GIB-BHX Dep. 11:40 Arr. 13:35

T3976 BHX-GIB Dep. 14:25 Arr. 18:20
T3877 GIB-SOU Dep. 19:05 Arr. 20:55

Flights are operated by an Embraer E190

LTNman 4th Feb 2021 10:16

I think Easyjet is missing the boat this year by not offering a LTN-GIB service which doesn’t operate in the peak summer months anyway and not at all this year. Gibraltar could well be seen as the only destination on the Med that is safe to book but the issue is the lack of suitable holiday hotels with the facilities people want. Also many hotels that are listed under Gibraltar are across the border in Spain so could still be subject to travel restrictions despite the summer months.

LGS6753 4th Feb 2021 15:00

Aren't Wizzair operating LTN-GIB?

barry lloyd 4th Feb 2021 15:05

Not too sure about Gib. I was denied boarding by BA on 23rd December, after being told the night before that the flight would operate (which it did) and I that I wouild definitely travel (which I didn't). BA blamed Gibraltar for implementing new rules at the last minute.

davidjohnson6 25th Mar 2021 13:39

Volotea are to start a 2x weekly route (Tuesday + Friday) between Bilbao and Gibraltar effective 02 July

Dorking 25th Mar 2021 16:48

interesting development and route.

nivsy 26th Mar 2021 09:40

wonder if the Basque region are by any chance funding this a bit? Twice weekly seems to be tourist orientated.

LTNman 26th Mar 2021 10:00

This is more of a Spanish domestic route now that Gibraltar is part of the Schengen Area.

Gulfstreamaviator 26th Mar 2021 10:07

A political route, i suspect.
Gib needs better UK link's.
And a flag carrier. GIB for GIB.

Dorking 26th Mar 2021 13:59

If its a political route then all the better, as it means the ice is melting and others could flow from it. Handy for a lot of Spain, now Schengen is a reality for them. This Spanish Government seems better disposed to Gibraltar than has been the case for many years. Monarch was the de facto flag carrier after the long defunct Gib Air. One to keep an eye on.

LTNman 26th Mar 2021 14:12

So do aircraft on approach and on departure still have to stay clear of Spanish airspace? It always made for an interesting approach.

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