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cumbrianboy 16th Apr 2021 09:14


When there is future recruitment directly into Aer Lingus UK then absolutely British pilots would be ellgible. Of course they will not recruit new pilots in order to make existing ones redundant - in what world would that make sense or even be moral? It is a requirement that any pilot working in the UK is eligible to work in the UK as that is where they will be based. There will not be dublin pilots popping over to manchester for a couple of days to cover, these are jobs based solely in the UK. Again, I really don't get why this can be seen as anything other than good news?

ShotOne 16th Apr 2021 12:28

You say “Absolutely British pilots would be eligible...” I’d certainly hope so but they’re not currently: Aer Lingus website specifies right to work in EU. In what world does it make sense or is moral for IAG to make hundreds of U.K. pilots redundant only to bring in others from overseas? Even if you disagree, surely you can appreciate the flip side here?

DomyDom 16th Apr 2021 13:06

I think we should. Any multinational business that is prepared to invest in MAN at the moment given the year that our travel and aviation industries have been through should be welcomed in my opinion. If they want to employ pilots that they can employ interchangeably elsewhere in the EU that doesn't seem unreasonable to me. It's a business decision for them but if they are pulling passengers through the airport thus creating UK jobs for in cabin crew, catering, security, baggage handling that's fine by me.

DomyDom 16th Apr 2021 13:13

Well said cumbrianboy. It's great news and we should be celebrating that a major airline is investing in the UK given the year that the travel and aviation have had. I'm looking forward flying with them.

cumbrianboy 16th Apr 2021 14:22


They have not advertised for any pilots for Aer Lingus UK so I am baffled as to what you are referring to ...

Remember ... what is on the website is for recruitment into Aer Lingus Ireland ... which is a different AOC ...as I have said before

ShotOne 16th Apr 2021 14:49

I was responding to your assurance that in the event of recruitment, U.K. pilots would “absolutely” be eligible. That’s clearly open to question.

cumbrianboy 16th Apr 2021 15:09

You really are hung up on this fact. If you want to work in the UK you legally have to have the right to live and work here. Go and have a look at the recent cabin crew adverts that went out - again if you look at the Aer Lingus Ireland website you will see to work as cabin crew in dublin you have to have the right to work in the EU - but if you look at the adverts for Aer Lingus UK Cabin Crew it clearly states you must have the right to live and work in the EU and there is NO requirement for EU rights - only UK rights.

You don't need me to tell you this is the ONLY way it can be otherwise they legally will not get anyone ...

I don't know how else I can tell you this, your point is misguided and not open to interpretation - in fact I believe some of the existing Aer Lingus crew were not eligible to move over due to the EU/UK restrictions ... what else can I say?

ShotOne 16th Apr 2021 15:44

The only fact I’m hung up on is that the tantalising notion of this being a future opportunity for U.K. pilots is total fantasy. AL require EU nationality which would exclude most British pilots from applying. There’s no separate ALUK pilot recruitment process now and possibly never will be.

cumbrianboy 16th Apr 2021 16:57

AL require the right to work in the EU if you want to go to Ireland, you are 100% correct. AL will not require this for working in the UK as that will not work for the UK operation. This is already the case for pilots relocating to the UK and has also been shown quite clearly in the adverts of last month for the UK based cabin crew as seen here:


If this operation is a success then they will expand, and if they expand at some point they will recruit pilots. Is it going to solve the job prospects of unemployed pilots in the short term? of course not. Is it a long term opportunity? absolutely.

What it does do in the short term however is stop even more pilots being made redundant, thereby reducing competition for jobs when they do come back later this tear or next (not withstanding the demagogue tendencies of Matt Hancock)

I don't think I can add anything else to this discussion now as I have been as clear as I can be ...

ShotOne 16th Apr 2021 19:24

If it works out as you say, please count me as No1 fan. The reason for my strong scepticism is why would AL hire pilotsjust for U.K.operation. Would be overjoyed to be proved wrong.

EI-EIDW 16th Apr 2021 21:33

Why wouldn't they, lets say 2-3 years pass and EI say yes this is working and they also need pilots back in Ireland. They would hire UK pilots because some pilots for this operation might not want to fly the services but given the sector issues have decided to do it.

If there is 2 aircraft year round at MAN they would have no issues hiring locally and then prehaps have Irish pilots crew for seasonal based units.

I think if MAN works out but became a highly seasonal operation like Shannon then questions about hiring UK pilots verses more Irish might tip the balance towards crewing by Irish based and maximize flexibility.

MCDU2 18th Apr 2021 08:31

Just so that we are perfectly clear IF the base cannot be filled by bids from flight deck off the existing global seniority list then EI can crew it by sourcing externally. This has been made clear many times in webinars and is also contained in the new base agreement.

davidjpowell 18th Apr 2021 13:34

Do Aer Lingus already employ many UK pilots who commute?

I would suspect quite a few, they certainly were recruiting after Monarch folded, and would be an obvious resource for a Uk base.

brian_dromey 19th Apr 2021 09:33

Irish Citizens are an unusual case in terms of right to live and work in the UK - it is unrestricted and independent of EU freedom of movement. UK citizens also have the right to work, travel and live in RoI, again independent of EU treaties. So EI-UK, or any other employer, is perfectly entitled to recruit Irish citizens to work in the UK.
At the moment EI seems to be redeploying pilots based in DUB/ORK/SNN to work for EI-UK at MAN. It works both ways, I don't think there were any compulsory crew redundancies when the LGW base closed.

5strypes 19th Apr 2021 13:42


Can I ask if you would be content if EI only took the British nationals working for them to crew the MAN base? I don't see the issue, bar pure xenophobia, if an Irish pilot moves to the UK and pays tax in the UK and rents/buys a house in the UK? This isn't a tax dodge or cheap labour gig, this is purely an airline fighting to survive and its many crew from all over the world, looking to continue work.

MCDU2 20th Apr 2021 13:27

EI is a unionised airline just the same as BA. Therefore it has a host of long fought agreements. One key agreement covers seniority. It matters not a jot if a pilot on the seniority is British, Irish or any other nationality when filling up the MAN base. There is a bid form and seniority. The most senior person will get the gig. The only caveat is the right to work in the UK that I understand will have precluded some following Brexit.

People that struggle with the concept of seniority should stay away from legacy airlines.

EI-EIDW 3rd May 2021 11:31

Is the UK cert taking longer than expected?

EI-EIDW 11th May 2021 20:06

They have asked the US to allow the BA codeshare and said this about the UK ACO.

When the Joint Applicants submitted their application on December 9, 2020, they anticipated the CAA would have issued all required licenses and authorizations by now. However, although the CAA has assured Aer Lingus (U.K.) that its application remains on track, those approvals have not yet been granted but are expected to be issued before the end of May

Skipness One Foxtrot 18th May 2021 15:54



Looks like the Shannon A321 NEOs won't be going back anytime soon.

AviationFan2021 23rd May 2021 19:49

Actually thats not confirmed. Rumoured to be crewed by DUB crew and EI CEO said theres no intent to remove these flights. Flights are still on sale from SNN with 2 NEO from September!!

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