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biddedout 22nd Dec 2020 11:01

I don't think licencing will be an issue. The CAA are allowing a two year period in which they will accept a non UK (EASA) licence and they will be producing a downloadable certificate to prove this for any non UK licence holder just in case they get ramp checked. Not needed for a domestic flight but recommended in case of diversion.

EI-EIDW 22nd Dec 2020 14:48


EI is full of British pilots, many might prefer the option to be based out of MAN.

The best thing the UK and most other countries for pilots is rollout testing and allow travel resume.

TURIN 22nd Dec 2020 15:24

Perhaps, worry less about the pilots, and regard other EASA licenced individuals who may (or may not) be looking after this mini fleet. As far as I know Aer Lingus do not have any maint staff at MAN. Brexit s causing a real headache with this.

The96er 22nd Dec 2020 16:10

The application to the CAA stated line Engineering will be performed by British Airways at MAN.

Albert Hall 22nd Dec 2020 19:24

If you know that for sure, someone somewhere has just broken the CAA Regulations by telling you that unless you are the person who wrote the application to them !

The96er 22nd Dec 2020 19:46

Further investigation, it wasn't the CAA application,but the Filing with the U.S Dept of Transport where I read it. A quote from within contained the followig:

It is intended that base maintenance support will be provided
by Sabena Technics and Dublin Aerospace, and line maintenance support will be provided by
British Airways and Aer Lingus Limited.

Albert Hall 22nd Dec 2020 20:14

Different rules and fair game then! Anything filed with the US DoT is public but not the same with the CAA or IAA.

TURIN 19th Feb 2021 10:42

No updates for a while. Does anyone know when or if these new services will start?

BHX5DME 19th Feb 2021 11:26

I think 1 July is the latest but will probably slip

EI-EIDW 21st Feb 2021 17:26

US decision is still pending and on the application they expected a UK one in this month. Not happened yet when I last checked.

Shouldn't be to long to wait and see the next A321 out of the factory in Hamburg which should show G if things go as indicated by EI.

The96er 21st Feb 2021 17:31

I thought said aircraft was already rolled out with an EI reg ?

EI-EIDW 21st Feb 2021 17:39

It had the German D reg, person who took the pic indicated it would be EI-LRH which could be right or just making the assumption as it would be next on the list.

AviationFan2021 21st Feb 2021 18:43

Jethros has updated the Aer Lingus Fleet listing and added EI-LRF, EI-LRG & EI-LRH. Looks like they will be EI reg so far.

MCDU2 22nd Feb 2021 21:14

US and UK regulators approval. IAG Board approval. Waiting on Boris to confirm a "living with covid" plan so that a start date can be agreed and tickets loaded for sale. Uncle Joe will need to give an indication of when he will open up the US of A and who to. Most of these are still up in the air.

southside bobby 23rd Feb 2021 07:07

We get what is meant but just to point out Uncle Joe was the rather more sinister figure from fairly contemporary history.

DomyDom 23rd Feb 2021 09:11

Article about the MAN-US routes and the potential for more EI A/C to be based in the UK according to the the Irish press.
"Aer Lingus expected to move more planes to UK as IAG looks to minimise cash burn" https://www.irishexaminer.com/busine....html?type=amp

The96er 23rd Feb 2021 09:27

The article doesn’t appear to say anything above what was in the original plans which was 4 aircraft (2 A321neo and 2 A333). Seems another piece to put pressure on the Irish government.

5strypes 23rd Feb 2021 12:40

I certainly can't see the argument relating to British pilots? As mentioned, there are currently plenty of British pilots working within EI. And any pilot wishing to opt for a MAN base would be paying tax to HM. For the past several years, Thompson have operated ex DUB to the Caribbean, British reg, British crew, no Irish tax paid. Virgin continue to operate ex DUB to US for cargo ops, again no issue there? If there is a market to be served, let it be.

Skipness One Foxtrot 23rd Feb 2021 19:35

None of these airlines have crew or aircraft based in Ireland though, that's the key change.

Liffy 1M 23rd Feb 2021 21:33


Those rights you itemise precede UK membership of the EU and so continue; they are also reciprocal in nature as far as the citizens of the two states are concerned, so it's not a one-way street.

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