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HKGBOY 29th Dec 2020 19:13

Can't see any long haul getting underway soon.
It's not a question of customer confidence- but Government policies.
Currently flights (as are pax) from the UK are banned to India, Singapore, Philippines, & Hong Kong. Even HKG residents can no longer fly to HKG if they have been in the UK within 14 days. Even then, they need a PCR test before & on arrival - if negative result you are compulsory quarantined in an appointed hotel- at your expense for THREE weeks now.
Thailand is not expected to start any vaccination until May/June.
( As an aside all the M &S chilled food shelves in HKG are empty due to the complete lack of flights between the two countries)
So, only shorthaul is where any up swing will be. Right on Ryanair territory. They are able to act swiftly to demand & are perceived not to be as "clunky" as the Orange rivals in terms of flexibility on scheduling.
I'm not a fan of the outfit, but they always seem to land on their feet with deep pockets to ride out problems. I'm not a fan of their Jab and go adverts either. It is simply something you cannot do. Who are they trying to appeal to at the moment? The over 80s in care homes? I think it's a stupid and baffling ad.

Asturias56 30th Dec 2020 07:53

I think you are right - RYanair are almost always ahead of the game - what they're targetting is everyone who has had the vaccine - they'll feel happy to fly - and that's currently 500,000 people a week being added to the lcustomer base

Sure a lot of them are old and in homes but in a month there'll be lot of care workers and over 70's outside homes - several million - desperate for a winter break.........

oldart 30th Dec 2020 08:15

I would imagine that NHS staff and carers won't be able to get time off for winter holidays just yet. The virus spike at the moment seems to be overtaking the summer one, more pressure on NHS hospitals, less people for holidays.

LTNman 30th Dec 2020 09:32

Passengers would still need to meet both U.K. and European nations travel requirements vaccine or no vaccine in the coming months.

Wallsendmag 30th Dec 2020 13:17

The UK is an European nation,the EU is something very different.

Asturias56 30th Dec 2020 14:19


Ryanair are selling holidays for the post vaccination period - looks like by Easter things my be under control

ICEHOUSES 30th Dec 2020 14:50

Who the hell would book a holiday with this mob after this years performance regarding refunds..

Jamesair1 30th Dec 2020 15:45

Plenty of willing punters who perceive they may be getting a fantastic bargain for their money

HKGBOY 30th Dec 2020 16:55

Ryanair are selling holidays for the post vaccination period - looks like by Easter things my be under control
A bit wildly over optimistic.
The UK is stretching the gap between Dose 1 & Dose 2 to 12 weeks. So, even if you are in the over 65 group- expect a jab Feb/March - second dose May/June - give it another 3 weeks for full effacy.
We are looking at August / September at the very earliest before any significant impact on leisure travel.
That's without any issues with production or distribution.
The Ryanair" jab & go" adverts completely absurd IMHO. You need two jabs- in the UK a gap of 12 weeks- then wait for effect- so you can't just jab and go can you(?)

SWBKCB 30th Dec 2020 17:26

And wherever you're going has to accept that you've had the jab, through a process that hasn't been created yet.

And assuming the vaccinations are 100% effective, and stop you carrying/transmitting the virus.

All seems pretty straightforward.

HKGBOY 30th Dec 2020 17:27

The briefing on TV today said 12 weeks between doses for Astra.
The Moderna isn't available in the uk until "early spring" according to NHS and then only enough for 3.5M
The Pfizer is also stock limited in smallish batches.

inOban 30th Dec 2020 17:32

The reason for the longer gap between doses is because the evidence shows that the first dose protects against severe illness and so the likelihood of hospital admission. Whether this will satisfy destination countries, who knows.

As for the vaccination of countries like Thailand, most of the world will use the Oxford vaccine because it is a fraction of the cost and easy to distribute.

GA F15 30th Dec 2020 17:59

Aviation was amongst the first industries to be affected by this virus, with closing of international borders. Unfortunately I feel it will also be the last to recover.
Even if we in the U.K. vaccinate quickly and successfully, I canít see other countries opening up to us until their respective populations have achieved equal inoculation.
U.K. pubs will open, and domestic travel will probably boom this summer, but I just canít see Spain etc being ready for a summer of (vaccinated) Brits!

harriewillem 31st Dec 2020 12:42

Had no problems with them

Originally Posted by ICEHOUSES (Post 10957191)
Who the hell would book a holiday with this mob after this years performance regarding refunds..

For me they have been good, I use them regular and got the vouchers and spended them, asked for a refund on the familiy holiday (as that was a bigger amount) and got that whitin 3wks so for me not bad, I think any "bad" RYR do is always under a loop... Dont use Ryanair if you are not used to flying and your 60 plus.. but they are fantastic from a buisness point of view and you get what you pay for, a seat, on time, safe and the rest you pay for but that is nowadays with most.. Aer Lingus, Transavia... many Legacy have scrapped the free drink and sambo (that you paid for yourself).. so what is the real difference... a few avios or flying blue points... but they lost the value 5-10 yrs ago..

southside bobby 31st Dec 2020 13:42

Above post...

Quote..."Dont use Ryanair if you are not used to flying and your 60 plus"

Please explain!

davidjohnson6 31st Dec 2020 14:01

Ryanair is not the most forgiving of airlines - there are more traps a passenger can fall into, and mistakes by passengers tend to be punished more severely. I've flown with Ryanair over 250 times for leisure, but know that when dealing with the FR website, I need to concentrate fully on what I'm doing and that I need to be hawk-like against being taken advantage of. I know that I will have to argue hard (and possibly revert to use of law) on anything which is a grey area, where other large airlines might be more prepared to accept they were at fault. When things go wrong with Ryanair, resolving them is always painful. Ryanair are the only airline where I've had to raise multiple chargebacks via my credit card on different occasions or make recourse to courts for claims

When I took my dad (in his 70s) on a flight with them I found myself regretting not paying more and giving him the comfort of a legacy carrier

Yes, the fares are cheap, flights delays are few and I still use Ryanair, but I know I'm dealing with a shark and to expect sharp practice from them

southside bobby 31st Dec 2020 14:31

Still not quite getting the allusions to RYR firstly with "the 60`s & now over the 70`s" !!

SWBKCB 31st Dec 2020 14:38

= young people think we're stupid.:ok:

biddedout 1st Jan 2021 09:51

Ryanair appear to be operating a few flights out of the UK this morning. Assuming they are starting here, does anyone know what rules, AOC's approvals they are operating under? All EI aircraft and no sign of the Ryanair UK G-Reg machine.

Noxegon 1st Jan 2021 10:10

As long as one end of the flight is in the European Union they're good. They need the G- aircraft for UK domestic.

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