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racedo 6th Dec 2020 21:32

Oh slots will eventually be released BUT why would you allow people whom are your competition to potentially benefit from lost slots. Release them as late as you can and fight to hold them,

SWBKCB 6th Dec 2020 21:55

I agree, but why should airlines have such control over how the airport does business?

LTNman 7th Dec 2020 12:53


With the Schools reopening on January 4th school children would need to start quarantine on December 21st for most destinations.

Vokes55 7th Dec 2020 13:14


LTNman 7th Dec 2020 13:23

The Test to Release for International Travel scheme is for people who need to self-isolate on arrival in England.

Under the scheme you can choose to pay for a private COVID-19 test. The earliest you can take the test is 5 full days after you left a destination not on the travel corridor list. If the result is negative, you can stop self-isolating.

The scheme is voluntary and applies to those self-isolating in England only.
The issue will always be that the scheme is voluntary. How many people will pay more for a test than in some cases a flight is debatable but I live in hope.

Vokes55 7th Dec 2020 13:30

I think most people will take the common sense approach that visiting their family for Christmas in Europe, Caribbean etc is no more “dangerous” than people visiting their family in Hull or Wales, which is permitted.

But that’s for another thread. Clearly easyJet and BA believe there will be enough demand over the Christmas period to warrant a ramping up of flights to most destinations. As an industry employee on an industry forum, I don’t have any problem with it.

SWBKCB 7th Dec 2020 13:36

and for one there is no legal requirement to self-isolate, and for the other there is.

But as you said, for another thread.

pabely 11th Dec 2020 00:15

Interesting TUI movement arriving now frim DTW. Wonder what's that all about?

SWBKCB 11th Dec 2020 07:04

Positioning back from Mercedes related charters, Stuttgart-Detroit?

Downwind_Left 11th Dec 2020 10:20

TUI have been operating a lot of freight charters with pretty much their whole 787 fleet, more than one on some days, mainly with the -9 fleet.

Routes operated include;

Frankfurt-Mexico City
Stuttgart-Mexico City

At the time of writing G-TUIJ is in Stuttgart, G-TUIN in Guardalajara, and G-TUIO is in Mexico City.

True Blue 14th Dec 2020 18:47

Royal Air Maroc seems to be starting new routes to Marrakech (4 weekly) and Agadir(2 weekly) early next year. These routes were reported in various press as going to Lhr but they are sale on the RAM site to Lgw. Although the press seems to assume that each and every , especially new routes, will go to Lhr.

rog747 15th Dec 2020 06:18


Both Condor Germany, and Neos Italy are also operating 767 and 787 cargo charters worldwide similarly to BA, Virgin, and TUI...

True Blue 15th Dec 2020 13:02

BA starting Lgw - Man 1 daily from the end of March 21. I thought they were pulling out completely!

GrahamK 15th Dec 2020 16:45

Seems not, Accra and Islamabad moving over from LHR from Match.

Credit to SeanM1977 on twitter

True Blue 17th Dec 2020 17:42

So 3 new BA long-haul routes in 2 days. Accra, Islamabad and Doha. What a surprise! Only Lima has gone, I think.

flyerguy 17th Dec 2020 23:15

Lima, Bermuda and then LHR starting Orlando and Barbados in conjunction with Gatwick sees some frequency change, I’m sure they’ll be more changes to come.

San Jose temporarily suspended also.

Vokes55 17th Dec 2020 23:31

New York and Toronto gone too

davidjohnson6 18th Dec 2020 01:19

It looks like Granada in Spain has lost its last connection to the UK - both Easyjet and BA hace dropped the route from Gatwick, as well as BACF from London City

FlyboyUK 18th Dec 2020 10:50

easy basing 4 more aircraft at LGW this summer taking total to 71. New routes to Bilbao & Cagliari, return of Aberdeen and increased frequencies on domestics and other routes.

LGS6753 18th Dec 2020 11:14

Moving some Stansted/Southend capacity now there's space at LGW.

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