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LTNman 18th Nov 2020 05:19

The strange thing about Southend is that I can’t find any noise contour maps for the airport. Now why would that be? I suspect a clue comes from the photo as to the reason why.

By law workers including airport workers have to wear ear defenders if noise is above a certain dB level and is recommended at lower levels. Have those back gardens been tested to see what their noise levels are?

Latest article about Southend noise complaints.



AirportPlanner1 18th Nov 2020 08:55

Already reported. As was the suspension of Wizz until mid-Dec along with their LGW service so no particular snub to SEN.

SEN is probably doing better with a shut terminal than LGW running the place for 3-6 flights, LTN for a handful of flights spread through the day and LCY for a couple of props.

southside bobby 18th Nov 2020 09:16

Not too sure where that report was then...

southside bobby 18th Nov 2020 11:01

Fair go...didn`t scroll that far back & didn`t need to refresh memory as the post message I see was muddled a wee bit & not taken in then.

Would not have posted with the clearer message though if already aware of course.

LTNman 25th Nov 2020 14:40

Actually I don’t think safety is Glyn Jones top priority. For that matter I could name a few other CEO’s as well with the same mindset.


Safety for passengers, our employees and the public remains our top priority. So we say cancel quarantine, test before take-off.”

Stanstedeye 29th Nov 2020 19:05

JOTA Aviation returned to
SEN with their G-JOTR as ENZ219P from MAN at 20.15 on 29-11-20.

LTNman 29th Nov 2020 19:26

No surprises that the annual Santa flights are cancelled for this year. https://www.echo-news.co.uk/news/189...ncelled-covid/

Buster the Bear 29th Nov 2020 20:56

Shannon, do you mean Southend?

Expressflight 30th Nov 2020 06:52

Originally Posted by Stanstedeye (Post 10937017)
JOTA Aviation return to SNN with their G-JOTR as ENZ219P from MAN at 20.15 on 29-11-20.

You mean "return to SEN" and not surprising as the JOTA fleet is all still based at SEN. Maybe your post is linked to their announcement that they will open a base at Biggin Hill and 1st December has been rumoured as a possible date for this.

southside bobby 30th Nov 2020 07:44

JOTA...Not mentioned previously familiar sight `200 `SMLA was retired on 22.10 which only leaves the two RJ`s in pax mode.

Would have surmised that ad hoc pax charters...potential & the Premier League contract would supply adequate work for the fleet.

JSCL 30th Nov 2020 07:51

The charter market is way too busy with operators at the moment and JOTA is pricing themselves out of the market. There are operators bidding for charter work with football & rugby that you wouldn't normally see doing so and given the fleet downtimes for the usual operators i.e. Aurigny and Eastern, it's just too competitive. I suspect JOTA might be struggling a little bit in the passenger charter market at the moment.

compton3bravo 30th Nov 2020 08:06

What are you on about Stanstedeye. As far as I am aware Jota have never left Southend. The flight you mentioned was returning empty from Manchester after taking back Manchester United FC after playing at Southampton. May I respectively suggest you take s s little more water with it!

ericlday 30th Nov 2020 08:10

Noticed TUI did F1 team charters to/from BHX and LTN to SAW for Istanbul GP.

Expressflight 30th Nov 2020 08:46


Apart from the Premier League team charters JOTA don't seem to be doing much on the pax charter front but the freighters are keeping quite busy shuttling around Europe and on the Italian postal service contract.

oldart 30th Nov 2020 09:58

Without knowing the area, which came first, the airport or the houses? With reference to noise level, I believe it was 95 db or above to wear ear defenders.

brian_dromey 30th Nov 2020 11:52

Peoples back gardens would not be classified as places of work, not sure what the ear defenders are about. Unless there is a serious suggestion that SEN provide ear defender for people to wear in their own homes/gardens?

SEN has been an airfield since at least 1914, according to the wikipedia page, far predating the 60s houses. It is true that there might have been a lull when they purchased their homes in the 80s/90s.

Barling Magna 30th Nov 2020 11:57


Aviation has used the site in some form or another since 1915 when it was an RFC home defence base attempting to combat Zeppelin and Gotha raids.Cecil Lewis wrote in his book Sagittarius Rising: "Rochford was a magnificent aerodrome almost a mile square." Some pleasure flying took place during the 1920s but it wasn't until 1933 that Southend Council purchased the site and it became Southend Municipal Aerodrome. The first scheduled services started to Rochester soon afterwards and the site has been in use as a commercial airport ever since, with a six year break for WW2 when it played an active part in the Battle of Britain. My mother recalled squadrons of Spitfires, Hurricanes and Defiants rising to meet the Luftwaffe, and Luftwaffe bombers attacking the airfield too. In 1960 Southend was the second busiest airport in the country in terms of aircraft movements and the third busiest in terms of freight handled.

So the aerodrome was there long before the houses were built.

southside bobby 30th Nov 2020 12:06

"So the aerodrome was there long before the houses were built".

Well yes...the same as most airports then...Should not stop airports nowadays being good neighbours though surely...

Barling Magna 30th Nov 2020 13:06

Agreed. I didn't say otherwise?

SKOJB 30th Nov 2020 13:47

There are neighbours and then there are these types of neighbours (from the above photo) that literally live on the taxiway. Rightly or wrongly, must be deafening living there
with plenty of aviation smells also!

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