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Serenity 17th Nov 2020 21:19

So EasyJet Europe turned down for 98 LHR slots for summer 2021.
maybe if others restrict schedules or fall by the wayside it will get reviewed.

pabely 18th Nov 2020 11:23

Reason old GB Airways slots I heard, if not grandfathers rights a very distant relation!
Surely would have been sold when EZY purchased GB Airways?

southside bobby 18th Nov 2020 13:18

The slots application was a considered request & further applications will be pursued given opportunities say EZY.

TOM100 18th Nov 2020 14:50

GB Airways LHR slots were excluded from the EZY sale and were sold (for a high sum) in separate transactions (I believe some to an ME3 carrier and some to a US carrier, I think Continental at the time). Smart move. The whole GB Airways sale (just ahead of 2008 financial crash and high oil prices) was great timing and value for the Bland Group (even if a bit of a fluke).

SWBKCB 19th Nov 2020 06:27

As well as the new applicants, how many of the operators who have started operations this winter (Eastern, China, Rwandair. etc) have got slots for the summer?

mmeteesside 24th Nov 2020 11:55

Does anyone know the best way (or have a contact?) to submit a commendation for a Menzies LHR team member? Tried ringing them but it just rings & rings and canít find an email to email in either.
Any suggestions?

Albert Hall 24th Nov 2020 14:10

Of airlines flying/announced/pending for LHR this winter, they received the following for Summer 2021:

Blue Air - nothing
China Airlines - nothing
Loganair - nothing
Ukraine International - nothing
Spicejet - nothing
Eastern Airways - nothing
Vistara - nothing
Cargojet - nothing
Rwandair - nothing

The only airline to receive more slots in S21 than they had in S20 were Shenzen Air.

goldeneye 25th Nov 2020 13:15

Jetblue also didn’t get slots at LHR. They have secured slots at LGW & STN.


Confirmed Must Ride 25th Nov 2020 15:40

I could get something through to the team, still have a number of senior contacts

commit aviation 3rd Dec 2020 16:50

I never thought I would see the day that LHR started charging a drop off charge but we live in very different times.
I imagine they will make more than a few quid from that!


PAXboy 3rd Dec 2020 18:21

Heathrow are just continuing the practise of the last 35 years. 'Slice the price into small pieces ...' I do understand they don't want thousands of cars to come back to their inadequate facilities and this will keep some people away. I have to drop someone off in a few weeks time and will have to weigh up the Long Car Park drop off option.

It will be interesting to see what queues and arguments develope and where they are going to put the toll booths. They will want to move to only on-line but that will take a while to establish the practice. Some folks will get hit by fines saying they did not see the signs.

davidjohnson6 3rd Dec 2020 18:25

This isn't about inadequate facilities - this is about an airport which has seen revenues collapse over the last 9 months and wanting to make some more money

PAXboy 3rd Dec 2020 19:02

True, but their location and historic layout places huge constraints on access. They have used the Green flag to reduce traffic into the central area. Which, given the space, is reasonable.

Trinity 09L 4th Dec 2020 12:01

Use the Hatton Cross tube, to the terminals,save time - simples.
Unfortunately, the large numbers of diesel HGV's delivering and leaving the freight section, and catering trucks are not affected - yet.

SealinkBF 4th Dec 2020 20:58

commit aviation

They are also abolishing the free transit zone. Which is a shame... was a great service and much better than the awful Hoppa.

Rutan16 5th Dec 2020 10:13

Suspended because TFL are COVID19 related destitute; central government told them to retain maximum service through the spring and early summer and the Mayor obliged .
Indeed went as far as suspending revenue collection for some time .

When TFL subsequently presented the bill to the DOT they laughed and offered something of a derisory settlement . Result marginal operations and benefits are being cut including the Heathrow free zone.

Navpi 12th Dec 2020 01:00

Traffic picking up rapidly at LHR. Back to dual ops Monday.

DaveReidUK 12th Dec 2020 07:11

More in anticipation, I think - currently average daily movements are around 425, compared to about 1300 this time last year, so still a long way to go.

MANFAN 15th Dec 2020 10:47

With London moving into Tier 3 tomorrow, what restrictions will there be on retail at Heathrow during these times?
I'm catching a connecting flight in Terminal 5 with BA on Thursday...can I expect most places to be closed?

BA318 15th Dec 2020 11:41


The Heathrow free zone was paid for by Heathrow. They have suspended subsiding it. It was not a saving by TFL. https://www.businesstraveller.com/bu...e-travel-zone/

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