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wanna 4th Dec 2021 09:44

If we're going to be super accurate, Jet2 have their own handling company that operates at BHX. Interesting to see though Swissport didn't win the bid / were they interested? Most if not all companies that dealt with Flybe Mk1 lost money when they went under, unpaid bills etc etc. Thats no secret. Swissport being one of the larger handling agents throughout the flybe network will no doubt have had unpaid bills owed to them, therefore lost money, therefore had their fingers burnt.

Wasn't it World Fuels that actually started the whole process that ended up with the company ceasing operation when they refused to fuel aircraft due to unpaid bills? Creating the ripple effect that ended up with aircraft being seized by airports again due to unpaid bills? Or was all that just rumour? From what I remember of that night one domino fell and the rest went with it... with many fingers being burnt along the way.

ATNotts 4th Dec 2021 09:46

Were Swissport not an unsecured creditor of the previous incarnation?

If so it's entirely possible they told Flybe 2.0 that they would not deal with them unless or until the old debt was cleared. I certainly would have if I were in that position.

D9009 4th Dec 2021 11:53

World Flight Services handled Flybe prior to their ceasing Ops, I would have imagined the bill would have been settled prior to the change of service provider.

ATNotts 4th Dec 2021 12:14

Fair enough, no issues there then, unless other stations have o/s debts that head office would look to recover.

wanna 4th Dec 2021 12:27

Considering very few (if any) other organisations owed money by Flybe have received money, id have imagined that they did not settle any bill with WFS.

ATNotts 4th Dec 2021 12:43

I think D9009 was probably referring to Swissport's bills (for BHX services) WFS as you suggest were probably left out of pocket.

SWBKCB 4th Dec 2021 12:51

Sorry, none of this makes sense. Are you saying that whoever handled BE at BHX were a secured creditor, and would have got all the money they were owed? Unless BE were paying in advance (unlikely!), I can't see any other scenario where the ground handlers at the time BE mk 1 went bust have been paid

RogueOne 4th Dec 2021 14:07

Any monies owed..... would be the responsibility of the old company (now named FBE Realisations 2021 Ltd). Not this new one.

I hear that a lot of those previously employed by World Flight & Swissport with Flybe experience have applied to Assured Aviation Services. Lots of good experience and knowledge there I'd say. So long as they're managed well. I'm sure Flybe will have lots of contract clauses to ensure timely turnarounds and can shape the service according to what they need. Sometimes it's difficult to do that with a global behemoth such as Swissport.

Good job Flybe v2; creating more secondary jobs.

Jamie2009 4th Dec 2021 19:56

I think you're wasting your time trying to get others to differentiate between old and new Flybe.

Despite the fact this is a new company, run by a new Board of Directors and in different part of the Country....... Clearly whatever happened in the past will be repeated because the companies share the same name and logo but thats about it. :ugh:

SWBKCB 4th Dec 2021 20:02

But the new BE seem quite happy to use the connection when it suits - "we're back after a break" :yuk: - and the people who lost money the first time are entitled to be sceptical....

fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me,

RogueOne 4th Dec 2021 21:43

I know, but maybe if we all say it loud enough. I sense the ones that keep bringing it up harber bitterness/fear/rejection.

If it was called Jimbo Jetset Airways... not a second thought would be given.

Skipness One Foxtrot 4th Dec 2021 23:27

So if Zombie-flybe #norelationhonestguv intend on using GLA/EDI/ABZ/MAN/SOU/BHD are they not at some point going to have to use Swissport UK who arguably believe they're owed a lot of money? Or Menzies or similar?

Oh and seeing Jamie2009 advocating a W LHR from ABZ/EDI, I thought they'd lost those slots?

wanna 5th Dec 2021 07:43

It will be interesting to see what happens, whilst it may be legally a different company, its a hard pill to swallow for companies owed money, swissport and the fuel companies will be huge debts.

Maybe we will see Assured Aviation opening up handling bases all over the country?? Thats one way to get around any issues.

wanna 5th Dec 2021 07:50


You have to remember whilst legally it might be a different company it is essentially the same owners, same name, same aircraft etc etc. A lot of people were effected by the closure, granted most companies had plotted it demise long before hence the quick reactions of the likes of LM / GR / SI and even to some extent Easy. These companies have now stepped in and in very challenging conditions trying to make it work. You then have the handling companies that laid off a lot of staff straight after (but before covid) due to Flybe. Newrest, outside of London, GONE, overnight. All due to Flybe. Cleaning companies, fuel companies and so on. March 2020 prior to covid was very turbulent for many people due to Flybe, even people who weren't directly working for Flybe, its understandable people have reservations / frustrations etc. Id imagine Eastern and Blue Islands struggled through due to loosing money thanks to being Franchise Partners... then 2 weeks later COVID!

Airbanda 5th Dec 2021 08:25

On the one hand if the FlyBe brand has recognition and support, and it probably does, then that goodwill is an asset the liquidator can realise. I doubt it'll be more than a fraction of a penny for the unsecured creditors but that's how capitalism works.

Can anybody explain how the current legal/beneficial interests in 'new' FlyBe align with those of old FlyBe?

JSCL 5th Dec 2021 08:27

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks, it's probably a duck.

Nobody else get this?

As you may have heard or seen in the news a few months ago, a new company called Thyme OpCo (later renamed “flybe Limited”) acquired the assets of old flybe Limited (in Administration) earlier this year as part of an asset sale and purchase agreement (the “Asset Transfer”). As part of this Asset Transfer, your personal customer data on file with old flybe Limited (in Administration) (which may include booking date, name, address, home/mobile phone number, email address and language preference) was transferred to Thyme OpCo (the new flybe Limited.) either because you had previously granted old flybe permission to use this information for your booked flights and other services, or because your data was otherwise part of the permitted database of airline customers and contacts that was being used by old flybe Limited (in Administration). flybe Limited as a data controller Accordingly, we are writing to let you know that the new flybe Limited (company number 12875147), is now the 'data controller' of your data, and that the new flybe Limited will process your personal data in accordance with our privacy policy which you can find here. Your data and your marketing preferences You will have the opportunity to update your account details in future communications. If you had previously given your consent to receiving electronic marketing (or if you had opted in when making a purchase), you will also have the opportunity to update your marketing preferences in future communications. If you have any questions in the meantime, you can contact us at [email protected] Thanks for your patience while we work hard to bring back a new and improved flybe. Best wishes from the entire team at the new flybe Limited.

Airbanda 5th Dec 2021 09:39

I suspect that's no more than what Data Protection Law requires when the insolvent company's brand and goodwill are sold on. I've had messages in very similar terms where High Street stores have gone belly up and the brand has re-emerged as a web based operation.

Atlantic Explorer 5th Dec 2021 10:33

Skipness One Foxtrot

so they’re planning going head to head with BA?? I’m struggling to believe this!

VickersVicount 5th Dec 2021 11:10

I’m struggling to believe any of it. Im guessing any struggling ground servicing company would still take any ‘newCo’ business while leaving others to deal with debts.

Local Variation 5th Dec 2021 12:54

As I eluded on this thread back in April, there will always be one. Seen it too many times.

Outside of ground handling, it is clear they have agreements with core debtors they need to move forward and run the operation. Can not believe for 1 minute that affected CFO's would simply overlook and wave them through. BHX being one of them I imagine.

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