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Albert Hall 11th Jan 2021 17:26

I think Flybe did, to a degree, have a similar strategy to Porter with their operations out of City airport, where did they quite well
Flybe's operations at LCY, and the LHR services, were an utter calamity. I am not sure where you get the idea that they "did quite well" but they did not. BHD was the only route at LCY which was any good and that only did OK because of an overall deal on airport charges that forced Flybe to fly lots of other LCY routes to generate volume. The rest and particularly EDI-LCY were complete basketcases. If Flybe 2 want to replicate Flybe 1, I hope they have deep pockets.

airsouthwest 12th Jan 2021 08:03

I know it's a fantasy because I just said it for comparison. The point being Flybe was well known for being more expensive than other low cost airlines.

ATNotts 12th Jan 2021 08:11

But FlyBe were never set up as a low cost airline, the routes they appear to have done best on were those where they weren't competing with a low cost carrier, or were in code share agreements with.

airsouthwest 12th Jan 2021 08:14


I would agree with that, Cityflyer are very efficient in terms of aircraft utilisation & network planning. Where is Flybe just seem to open and close routes for the fun of it, considering it was a 40 year old business it still seemed very amateurish in places.

For others saying it was like Porter it's not. It had flights out of City, Heathrow, Gatwick, Stansted, Southend & even Luton I believe. A similar picture across other parts of the UK where it was serving two airports very close to each other in the name of 'connectivity' rather than having everything at a single airport.

cavokblues 12th Jan 2021 08:15

Originally Posted by Albert Hall (Post 10965791)
Flybe's operations at LCY, and the LHR services, were an utter calamity. I am not sure where you get the idea that they "did quite well" but they did not.

Fair point, mine was purely anecdotal and I assumed because the Edinburgh, Exeter, Amsterdam routes had been there for 6 years or so they must have been making some money on them, but not sure that's even true with Flybe. I recall reading something that when Saad came in 59% of their routes were loss making!

airsouthwest 12th Jan 2021 13:46


Errm I think you might want to do a bit of research i.e https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/artic...s-flybe/150963

Even the adverts back in 2010 make out it's a 'low cost airline'. I worked & trained with Flybe for 5 years so I know what it's business model was and the majority of the issues it had.

airsouthwest 12th Jan 2021 13:49

Yeah a lot of the routes made a loss and subsequently got axed or changed. Newquay to Gatwick survived under the government support scheme. I think if Saad had more flexibility he would have just paid to get rid of the E195s and scaled down the business a bit. It was a shame he left in 2016 although I suspect he left because he wasn't given enough freedom to sort out the business as he would have liked too.

AirportPlanner1 12th Jan 2021 14:53

Was EDI-LCY a basket case? Thatís the one I took a few times and always seemed to do well for loads and as an outsider Iíd have said fares werenít too low either. Iíve seen it said a lot that BHD-LCY was a real winner.

The logic and strategy of the LCY network at the start seemed sound but clearly some routes didnít work at all - some a surprise, some less so - and some were trimmed.

But the whole London strategy quickly became muddled and the LCY network itself represented a u-turn. They had quit the London market having sold the LGW slots and were focusing on the regions. Fine. But then they ended up being pressured/paid(?) to keep the NQY-LGW route. And then largely reinstating the old LGW network into LCY. And then added a couple of routes into STN which didnít last long including a bizarrely timed double-daily to NCL where both flight were off-peak. And they had the Stobart franchise operation in their name at SEN, plus a short-lived DUB route that was operated directly outside the franchise. And Loganair into STN which was also a franchise.

So from a long-standing LGW operation they quickly went to dribs and drabs at multiple airports.

allan1987 12th Jan 2021 17:34

I thought the BHD and EDI to LCY went quite well, also since also with using Stobart Air's E190 on both routes

TartinTon 12th Jan 2021 17:39

AMS was the only route that made any money ex-LCY (and not very much at that)...not conjecture...fact.

CWL757 15th Jan 2021 00:12

11 ex Flybe Q400s going over to be tankers in Canada.

biddedout 15th Jan 2021 08:35

That will be a really good use for them. The huge amount of extra power will be very comforting for firefighting pilots operating very low level.

SKOJB 15th Jan 2021 10:15


Rather appropriate you might say as BE had been fire fighting for several years!

CWL757 15th Jan 2021 12:52

Oooh that's quite a burn.

Sorry ill see myself out 😁

CabinCrewe 15th Jan 2021 12:58

cant believe this thread still going. BE is gone and never to be seen again in any shape or form!

ETOPS 17th Jan 2021 12:36

I would'nt be that sure ;)

Albert Hall 17th Jan 2021 17:29

Exactly. That's what should happen - as the more you hear of the restart plans the more crazy it sounds - but it may well turn out not to be that way.

jmccrew 22nd Jan 2021 13:06


allan1987 22nd Jan 2021 13:47

G-CLXC DHC-8-400 has been registered to THYME OPCO

Expressflight 22nd Jan 2021 14:10

…... and the nature of business as stated by Thyme Opco in its Companies House registration is Scheduled Passenger Air Transport.

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