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Albert Hall 30th Mar 2021 21:32

Administrators are usually first in the queue to be paid from whatever money is made from the sale of the assets - they're ahead of even the creditors.
Where a secured creditor has title to the assets - or in this case, slots - then the administrators get nothing if the holder of the security exercises their rights. It's basically a process of the secured creditor re-claiming property which is already theirs.

bean 31st Mar 2021 10:54

Albert hall. Flybe never had an interim chairman.
French was chairman and after Hammad became CEO the board appointed Laffin as Chairman. This occured om 2013.
Laffin remained chairman until the sale to Connect Airways.
I'm pretty sure LHR routes were introduced under Hammads watch
they were certainly imtroduced while Laffin was chairman

BA318 31st Mar 2021 12:13

Saad left with immediate effect in October 2016. Flybe announced LHR-EDI and ABZ in Dec 2016 operating from March 2017.

JobsaGoodun 31st Mar 2021 12:50

...and from October 2016, Laffin was both Chairman and interim CEO of Flybe before Ourmieres-Widner arrived in January 2017

brummmy 31st Mar 2021 23:25

It looks like it's not all about the slots. This is why Loganair were so desperate to address the CAA...


Companies House Directors...

willy wombat 1st Apr 2021 07:09

can you explain?

Expressflight 1st Apr 2021 08:12

Three new Directors appointed a few days ago including Robert Knuckey who had a long history with Flybe and its forerunners as well as Walker Aviation. Any significance in that?

Albert Hall 1st Apr 2021 09:38

TBH I can't find anything of what Loganair said either in the hearing minutes or the CAA's decision so unless someone has insight to share, we don't know what they did and didn't say. It's clear they said something though.

The new directors look like the classic finance, HR and industry trio of non-execs being stuck onto a board to lend credibility and convince external players like the CAA that there is a company structure. I can't imagine anyone is getting too excited about it beyond the comments from the new poster from Birmingham here though.

Whispering Giant 1st Apr 2021 09:39

What I find more interesting is that one of the new directors of Thyme Opco and its parent company Thyme Opco parentco is a Anthony Kevin Hatton who was formerly a director of GB Airways, Orion Airways and TUi airways.
At least he is someone with great experience of the airline industry.

Expressflight 1st Apr 2021 10:28

Maybe brummy was suggesting that new Directors with credible aviation histories pointed to the likelihood that this was more than just a 'slot grab' financial exercise as some have suggested. Would they want to risk possible reputational damage if it were only that?

Jamie2009 1st Apr 2021 10:50

Albert Hall

They provided written submissions, it’s in the main body of the text

ATNotts 1st Apr 2021 11:12


It does appear to make the "slot grab" theory rather less tenable, but time alone will tell.

Albert Hall 1st Apr 2021 11:57

Yes, I can see that, thank you. The question I had was what they were about.

Jamie2009 1st Apr 2021 22:10

Filings from Companies Hse today indicate Thyme opco now have the trade marks relating to Flybe and its previous names. This indicates a deals gone through........ Looks like Cyrus have registered a charge against the trademarks.

Jamie2009 4th Apr 2021 19:46


RogueOne 5th Apr 2021 19:12

Thyme Opco Limited will shortly before the anticipated date for completion be renamed “Flybe Limited” (“the Purchaser”) and in preparation for the Transaction completion, the Company has filed with the Registrar of Companies an application to be renamed “FBE Realisations 2021 Limited”. Because of current capacity limitations being experienced by the Registrar of Companies, the usual same-day change of name service is unavailable, but it is expected that [b]the Company’s change of name will become effective shortly.

TOM100 5th Apr 2021 20:28

What does that mean ?

southamptonavgeek 5th Apr 2021 20:30

From what I can work out, that means that Thyme Opco will be renamed as "Flybe Limited" - alongside the purchase of the Web address and brands/logos, it seems to point towards a retention of the original name.

OzzyOzBorn 5th Apr 2021 23:01

Pity. "Thai Mop Co" had a certain ring to it.

TOM100 6th Apr 2021 03:17

But ‘realisations’ ?

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