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sixchannel 22nd Mar 2018 10:56

Good question. Wonder if they are still pondering what their costs abroad might be Post-Brexit? I also wonder if J2 will look at expanding non-EU destinations like Turkey in case of price hikes within EU for landing fees, fuel, hotel costs, ancilliares like Transfers etc? As a "retired" accounting professional, such thoughts are mind boggling.
Me? Fingers crossed that FUE remains the value for money destination in The Canaries.

HH6702 22nd Mar 2018 11:29

Should be any day now Thomas cook is on sale now TUI is April 5th on sale

Plane.Silly 23rd Mar 2018 09:39

Historically, LS have gone on sale around April time, doing 2/3 bases at a time. New destinations often don't get revealed until the main programme (i.e same flights from last year) are all on sale.

They don't have many more Spanish options that fit their holiday theme, so Non-eu must be on the cards somewhere down the line.

BFS BHD 23rd Mar 2018 16:46

Thanks hopefully be available soon then. :)

BAladdy 28th Mar 2018 21:36

Originally Posted by BFS BHD (Post 10092171)
Anyone know when Summer 2019 will go on sale?

Flights from NCL and BFS went on sale today.

Seljuk22 31st Mar 2018 11:12

BHX and STN will have 9 based aircraft this summer

P330 5th Apr 2018 14:16

Does anyone know how long Jet2 plan on keeping their 733s?

I thought they were gradually being replaced but it seems many will still be going strong well into 2019.

We have a flight booked to Naples with them next year and it appears to be showing a seat map for a 733.

Johnny [email protected] Pants 5th Apr 2018 15:20


I don’t know exactly, but they will be running for another couple of years yet as a minimum. Some of the 733’s are newer than some of the 738’s.

Seljuk22 6th Apr 2018 16:48

STN will have 10 based aircraft this summer

Summer 2019

BHX up to 11 based aircraft

GLA with a 7th based aircraft




A380.Q400 8th Apr 2018 11:46

Originally Posted by P330 (Post 10108228)
Does anyone know how long Jet2 plan on keeping their 733s?

I thought they were gradually being replaced but it seems many will still be going strong well into 2019.

We have a flight booked to Naples with them next year and it appears to be showing a seat map for a 733.

I heard there were plans to keep some B733s (about 10-12) until at least 2022. There are currently 18 B733s in the fleet, with just 14 B738s on order. Many of these new B738s are being used for expansion at BHX and STN, meaning there aren't enough B738s to replace existing B733s.

shamrock7seal 9th Apr 2018 03:12

Where Next will Jet2 expand in the U.K.

I am actually a bit surprised they are able to sustain such a high share price given their expansion options are limited. They do seem to be doing well up against Ryanair at STN which I am flabbergasted by.

Plans for 757 replacement?

Other U.K. airports being considered?

Long-haul A330’s?

Partnership with IAG?

irishlad06 9th Apr 2018 05:15

There are 2 B733 due for retirement in the next 2 weeks // GCELG and GCELK I think.

They won’t expand into anymore UK airports for a while unless a huge opportunity presents itself. They are now going to concentrate on growing their existing bases as evident by the schedule release for each new base so far.

There are two more aircraft due for delivery before the end of April that that’s all of the original order of 30 delivered. The top up order of 4 will start delivery in August and finish in January 2019. I doubt we will see any new aircraft ordered after this until we get a replacement for the B757 fleet.

The plan is for STN and BHX to grow to the size of the MAN base if the market takes it. They are expanding in self handling with currently this summer LBA/MAN/EMA/BHX/STN, ALC and TFS all fully self handle stations. (Their own staff on all parts of the ground from check in to bag loading and dispatch)

If EDI get 7 aircraft next summer and NCL that is the magic number for self handling to work so they might see self handling introduced. Costs more upfront but because you have 100% control over your operation then you get more repeat custom so makes them money in the long run.

There will soon be 3 new destinations to be announced for S19. MAN along with other bases will serve all 3 new destinations.

In terms of growth they are continuing to acquire 2nd hand B738’s (GDRTC/D/E and F acquired for this summer) so I expect at least another 4 for next year including the leases in aircraft. 6 in total this summer.


nwoody2001 9th Apr 2018 07:38

Thanks for the update irish lad, and as a BHX follower, im excited to hear that they plan to make BHX as big as MAN if the market can take it.... very encouraging...

With regard to bases, if there any updated information regard the size of each base in Birmingham 2018 and 2019. be interesting to see how these compare with eachother?

Flying Wild 9th Apr 2018 07:43

Jet2.com Wins Global Recognition and Four Prestigious TripAdvisor Awards
For the second year running, Jet2.com has won the Best Airline – UK and Best Low-Cost Airline – Europe awards, as customers yet again put them ahead of the competition. In addition to these two accolades, Jet2.com have also won the Best Economy Class - Europe award.
To cap it all off Jet2.com is also the only UK and European airline to be recognised as one of the Top 10 Airlines in the World – coming 7th in the prestigious list.

What makes these awards even more rewarding is that they are based on the experiences of paying customers, which makes them truly representative. There is not a ‘one-off vote’ or panel of industry experts involved, instead these awards are based on the quantity and quality of millions of reviews and ratings for airlines worldwide gathered over the last 12-months. Of nearly 10,000 reviews on TripAdvisor, almost 90% of Jet2.com’s reviews are rated as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’, with travellers praising them in particular for customer service, cleanliness, value for money and check-in and boarding.

Mooncrest 9th Apr 2018 09:23

CELK has already left the fleet - she was retired last year. I don't know about CELG but my information is that CELH will be retired in the coming weeks.

P330 9th Apr 2018 09:52

Thanks for the 733 update - much appreciated.

I would assume the CExx batch will be the ones going first given some are over 30 years old now. The remaining aircraft as you say are in some cases younger than the oldest 738s so presumably will be the ones staying until 2022.

What has the reliability of the 733s been of late?

Plane.Silly 9th Apr 2018 11:26

There will soon be 3 new destinations to be announced for S19. MAN along with other bases will serve all 3 new destinations.
Any details on this? would be very interesting to see what they have lined up.

Also to throw my hat in the pool, i would imagine around 8-10 B733's would still be in service for 2019. they're all over 30 years old now, but Jet2 don't use them as much as other airlines do(did) so they can afford to keep them longer. Not heard of any major issues lately so i would imagine they're still in good working order, but wait until the season ramps up, then you might get a taste of what old age does.

LAX_LHR 9th Apr 2018 12:01

For new routes, I would bet that Bulgaria must be on the cards. Bourgas seems to be a big missing link in their network, especially with Jet2 holidays.

As for other routes, could Sicily be on the cards? Seems to be a decent trade in holidays to Catania so perhaps one Jet2 could jump in to? The only o5er routes I could see are perhaps another Greek island like Mykonos or Santorini? Hotel Capacity might be a bit tight on those islands though...

Plane.Silly 9th Apr 2018 12:12

Is it also where we see the arrival of GIB that was hypothesised ages ago?

They have to go outside of Spain now, surely. They've got all the main holiday spots. So Bourgas sounds plausible

As for Sicily, they tried Sardinia years ago and doesn't look like it was a good success. I might suspect Sicily follows a similar pattern

A380.Q400 9th Apr 2018 13:21

Originally Posted by Plane.Silly (Post 10112105)
Is it also where we see the arrival of GIB that was hypothesised ages ago?

I can't see them flying to GIB given that Jet2 already have a substantial operation at nearby AGP, and they have also expanded their offering from LEI in the last couple of years.

I think that the most likely contenders will be new routes to Bulgaria and Greece, though I reckon there is also some scope to add one or two more destinations in Italy and Turkey. I also wonder if Jet2 will make the move into Africa, with flights to Egypt and Tunisia. Thomas Cook and TUI are beginning to resume their North African flights, and the region is definitely a growing market for UK tourism.

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