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Gurnard 14th Sep 2017 07:30

Aurigny Air Services-2
New Fare Structure Announced Today
Indeed, as predicted. The following has been sent out today in emails:-

New fare structure announced today
More choice, more lower priced flights and hand baggage only fares.

We are pleased to announce important changes to our fare structure, in a move that will give customers the ability to buy tickets which better fit their needs. There will be the chance to save with a new lower, hand baggage only fare, and two other fares which include extras to give passengers more flexibility and peace of mind.

It is the latest change to be announced by the Board of Aurigny, following the publication of the States of Guernsey’s Strategic Review, as we look to improve both customer experience, whilst improving overall financial performance, and contribution to the economy.

The new fares will come into effect in October 2017 and the public will be notified one week prior to the changes coming in. The new fare structure is designed to make Aurigny more competitive and comparable with other airlines, and allow all customers to better tailor their journey to meet their individual needs.

There will be three simple choices to give customers more control and encourage more travel:


Hand baggage-only fare for the traveller who wants the lowest price.


For the traveller who wants more flexibility. Customers can travel with one hold luggage bag up to 23kg, pick their own seats (excluding extra legroom), and avoid the 40 charge for changing flights (any difference in the fare will still apply).


For maximum flexibility in your travel plans. Customers have double the baggage allowance (up to 46kg), full flexibility to change flights without paying any extra, and the ability to choose any of the seats on the aircraft, including extra leg room. The FLEXI fare is fully refundable up to two hours before departure.

The new system also allows passengers to add a range of extras to their booking, right up until check-in. Such as adding baggage, choosing their seat, or adding other travel essentials like car hire and hotel bookings. The changes are not being introduced on the direct flights to and from Alderney, Southampton, Dinard or Grenoble.

On 20 September we say goodbye to our old website and welcome the new and improved site. Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback on the site during the testing phase, this has helped us to better improve the site ready for launch.

virginblue 14th Sep 2017 07:53

We are pleased to announc
Well, passengers will undoubtedly be equally pleased. Not.

dcp2608 14th Sep 2017 08:32

Surely some will !

Malthouse 14th Sep 2017 11:56

Seems to me they are under they are under the impression their fares are on a par with budget low frills airlines, companies who are able to justify charging for extras on top of their minimum basic pricing.

virginblue 14th Sep 2017 13:38

Next time you hear an airline CEO or spokesperso bragging about customer-friendly improvements of its fares, make sure you walk around him/her and check his/her back:


Harry Wayfarers 14th Sep 2017 13:56

In fairness I'd hate to be Aurigny, it's as if they're being stalked by some of the members of this forurm, airport arrival/departure boards, Guernsey Airport CCTV etc.

They're not suggesting that they're trying to compete with the LoCo's but just offering their bread & butter punters options to save money but, just out of curiosity, how would a full load of passengers all with 46kg of hold baggage figure on a Do228?

dcp2608 14th Sep 2017 14:48

The new fares structure does not apply to routes operated by the 228 ie GCIACI ACISOU and GCIDNR it says so the problem won't arise

virginblue 14th Sep 2017 15:08

So you seriously believe that Aurigny are simply introducing a lower priced fare without frills whereas the frills inclusive fare remain unchanged? If they do so, it would really be a first...

rog747 14th Sep 2017 18:06

Originally Posted by Jerbourg (Post 9876469)
Baggage charges will kick in in the next month or so, followed by a 3 tier seat charge - Standard Seat, Extra Legroom Seat & Seats near to exits for a swift disembarkation on arrival.

all that choice on a GCI flight??!! OH please do you really need extra legroom or a seat near the door to leg it quick? Aurigny must be really desperate and insulting to their core pax base to think their lot will be swayed by this nonsense - the only way is down

Feet on ground 15th Sep 2017 07:33

The Aurigny offering is pretty much the same as flybe, BA and easyjet offer on their services to the Channel Islands. If, as you imply, people won't want to pay for bags and seats allocations they won't have to, that's the whole point. Today they all pay whether they want them or not.

virginblue 15th Sep 2017 09:37

So the new fare without bags/seats then is cheaper than the currently cheapest fare including bags/seats and available for the same amount of seats?

Malthouse 15th Sep 2017 10:31

At the moment the cheapest fare from Guernsey to East Midlands is around 80, they are suggesting that when the new structure comes in that will be 20 less.

I don't think 60 is a super-duper low price as you would expect to see touted by a budget no frills operator. And the naturally suspicious among us might wonder how long it will take for the new lower price to creep back up to 80.....

kcockayne 15th Sep 2017 21:34

Fair comments, but the essential point is that AUR does not have to compete with any "budget , no frills , operator".

SWBKCB 16th Sep 2017 07:31

I don't think 60 is a super-duper low price as you would expect to see touted by a budget no frills operator.
You seriously don't think 60 is as cheap as chips to fly from East Midlands to Guernsey?!?

kcockayne 16th Sep 2017 07:59

I agree with you, 60 IS an attractive fare to anywhere from Guernsey (especially Jersey!). But, it is nowhere near some of the fares which are available on a low fare carrier e.g. EZY. You can do Jersey to Gatwick for less than 10 on occasion. You can't get anywhere near that with AUR out of Guernsey.

SWBKCB 16th Sep 2017 08:05

Have the laws of supply and demand changed when I wasn't looking? :ok:

Feet on ground 16th Sep 2017 08:37

At the moment the cheapest fare from Guernsey to East Midlands is around 80
Have you ever actually looked for the cheapest fares, or do you just make it up?

Use the low fare finder on the new Aurigny web site and you'll find that there are no flights to East Midlands in November priced at more than 49.99 and the vast majority are 39.99 and that's before the new fares come in to play. Its pretty much like that for the whole of the winter season. They are higher in the other direction where there is APD and higher airport charges, but the majority are 49.99 with the highest in November being 59.99.

Nowhere near 80 being the cheapest.


Malthouse 16th Sep 2017 10:48

I stand corrected, thank you.

40 is a good price, especially if the new fare structure really does knock half of that off!

20 is much more like the level of pricing where I am happy to pay for seating, bags, etc.

kcockayne 16th Sep 2017 11:44

I thought that we were referring to return fares between Guernsey & East Midlands. So, my comments referred to that. In that regard, 60 is way less than AUR's return fares, from what I can see from your figures.My point is that a LCC would offer fares much lower than AUR's - at least some of the time. But, AUR does not have to compete against any LCCs. Not that any LCC would find EMA-GCI so attractive that it would want to operate the route !

SWBKCB 16th Sep 2017 11:59

Originally Posted by kcockayne (Post 9893558)
But, AUR does not have to compete against any LCCs. Not that any LCC would find EMA-GCI so attractive that it would want to operate the route !

Not sure what point you are trying to make? AUR are serving a small market - comparing them to EZY is like comparing a village shop to Tesco's

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