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CVTDog 31st Aug 2017 15:24

BMI Regional-3
Any idea why G-RJXC it came into CVT instead of BHX from Gothenburg this morning - then a short hop back to BHX ? Just had the heads up I am delayed from Graz tonight

EastMids 31st Aug 2017 15:48

It didn't - Coventry doesn't have the facilities to handle IFR traffic or large commercial aircraft anymore. Just FlightRadar getting into a tizz again, which it is sometimes prone to do from time to time.

BAladdy 25th Sep 2017 19:05

BM appear to have leased a CRJ200 for Backbone Aviation. The aircraft OY-RJC has been operating on behalf of BM from BRS since 20th September.

Chidken Sangwich 25th Sep 2017 20:48

This Aircraft belongs to Global Reach Aviation, not Backbone.

Rumour_Jay 9th Oct 2017 18:16

I can't find the article but I'm sure I read that bmi are stopping the BRE-TLS-BRE route..

BAladdy 9th Oct 2017 18:43

Flights not available to book from 27OCT17

Chidken Sangwich 9th Oct 2017 19:35

Aircraft re-deployed on MUC routes increasing the MUC base to 4 Aircraft.

Bristol_Traveller 17th Oct 2017 09:01

BRS-BRU transfering to BM on 29OCT?
From a quick look at flight schedules, it looks like BRS-BRU is transferring to be operated by BM, and codeshared to SN. Flight numbers are changing to BM200x and SN443x.

That's a bit of a blow, because then it officially removes the last Star Alliance member from BRS, and with it the ability to earn/spend FF miles.

It's possible I've misread it though.

Severn 17th Oct 2017 09:14

bmi regional set to assume two Brussels Airlines' routes
Not all hope lost BT...

(Taken from ch-aviation)
bmi regional set to assume two Brussels Airlines' routes

With the onset of the Winter 2017/18 season, bmi regional (BM) will begin servicing two Belgium-UK/Germany routes that are currently operated for Brussels Airlines (SN) on a wet-lease basis.

ch-aviation analysis of schedule data shows that effective October 29, the UK regional carrier will start operating 6x weekly flights from Brussels National to each of Bristol Int'l and Nuremberg under its own flight codes and numbers and using its own ERJ-145s. Brussels Airlines will continue to codeshare on the services. Overall, bmi regional will operate up to four daily services between Brussels and Bristol in cooperation with its Belgian partner given three remaining ERJ-145 operated services will continue to operate under Brussels Airlines flight numbers as a wet-lease.

yeo valley 17th Oct 2017 17:32

With the route being operated by bm and a SN code share,is this I wonder to do with brexit with the possibility of lower pax loads

TartinTon 17th Oct 2017 20:13

yeo valley...care to expand on your thinking? Same aircraft..same operator..same routes and frequency...not sure what your point is?

yeo valley 18th Oct 2017 08:38

the point is what changes are there going to be when brexit kicks in. If it is not good for some routes or airlines I'm wondering if SN is passing the uncertainly on to BMI if the route will not work. There is bound to be less pax on the brussels route from almost every UK airports. It would be nice if we could find out the pax numbers with connections to the EU.

Bristol_Traveller 19th Oct 2017 10:17

I feel all the UK to BRU routes will suffer post Brexit. I'm aware that a reasonable about of traffic on those routes is people going to EU institutions on corporate fares. There's bound to be a question about whether that will be sustained in the future.

That said, properly marketed, BRU (and FRA and MUC) should be hubs to rival AMS. It just needs LH Group to market it well and with competitive fares. And work out what to do to encourage *A frequent fliers to use the route, even though BM isn't in *A.

virginblue 19th Oct 2017 13:53

Well, the plan could very well be not to spread *A traffic across three or four hubs from the UK if P2P is weak, but focus on one of them, depending on the traffic patterns.

harriewillem 19th Oct 2017 15:27

This will mean that BMI will take the commercial risk on the route from now, big change this.....

Bristol_Traveller 19th Oct 2017 16:07

I think it's a pretty modest risk. BRS-BRU has operated for years, and survived the Sabena fiasco, so I assume it's basically profitable. Brexit is certainly a risk though.

virginblue: BRS-BRU was the only route operated by a Star Alliance airline, so after 29OCT there won't be any more *A traffic to BRS. SN and LH will continue to codeshare on the BRU/FRA/MUC routes, and issue tickets across them, but it will be outside the *A network.

dboy 19th Oct 2017 16:20

Can somebody tell me what *A network means?

What about the ema-bru and sxb-bru, are those staying sn flights operated by BMI?

Cazza_fly 19th Oct 2017 16:34

Star Alliance member airlines.

dboy 19th Oct 2017 16:45

So that is it?

If it flies with Brussels flight numbers, wet leasing the aircraft on behalf SN, i dont see the catch, or even the difference with now.

canberra97 19th Oct 2017 17:46


There are no wet leases involved it's just basically BMI taking over the route in it's entirety with an added SN flight number.

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