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alserire 2nd Sep 2017 14:11

Aer Lingus-7
I posted this a couple of months ago so can I first apologise for posting it again as I got no response. And EI seem very reluctant to part with the information. They want me to ring them once I've booked and have a flight reference number but I'd rather know what I was facing in terms of getting an upgrade before I book.

I am Platinum Class now till November 2018. Two things if anyone can help. Is the complimentary upgrade to business class one way only? And when is it applied? At time of booking? Check in? Boarding? New to this loyalty program business so not sure. EI website and customer service not very good on this!

Thanks in advance for any help available.

EI-A330-300 2nd Sep 2017 15:18

The way I read it is one upgrade per year on one flight. Can't say when it is applied.

alserire 2nd Sep 2017 16:15

That much I kind of had figured but thanks for confirming. It's the second part that intrigues me.

I'm able to afford business class to the US once a year so my idea in this instance was to book economy on the way out and business on the way back and then claim an upgrade on the way out. But they just don't seem to want to say when exactly they will award the upgrade. I know they do the bidding thing for business class seats and probably want to make as much as they can from every seat. I suppose I'm just trying to get value for money and my tier status. I'm likely to head Stateside only once next year so I really want to make the upgrade count. If the upgrade is at check in or boarding that means looking at certain days, times and destinations to see which Y classes are more likely to have spare seats. But I just can't get an answer from them as to when exactly they grant you the upgrade. First world problem but somewhat annoying!

Flying in Europe again with them soon. Maybe the check in staff at the airport might be able to help.

EI-A330-300 2nd Sep 2017 16:29

The standard bid to upgrade can only let passengers know up to a day before departure. I would imagine it's would be pretty similar (week to ten days out) after all the priority will be to sell the seats at cost not give them away.

Check your PM, if you haven't already. Might be of more help.

AerClub is just a complete mess.

alserire 2nd Sep 2017 18:08


Over a month waiting for my Platinum card. Does seem like a bit of a mess alright.

EI-A330-300 2nd Sep 2017 19:19

Reminding them again won't do any harm.

alserire 2nd Sep 2017 23:12

I did a few days ago!

Thanks again

EI-EIDW 6th Sep 2017 22:27

PHL or PIT appear to be doing the rounds as a possible route next year.

seafire6b 7th Sep 2017 17:38

Originally Posted by EI-EIDW (Post 9466342)
You will always get excellent J fares to MCO, and MIA is also going to be an option next summer.

Above quote from this thread, August last year. The suggestion of EI's new service to MIA was keenly noted - apart from EI's J service easily beating BA, also pre-clearance into the USA at DUB is a real plus!

Accordingly Mrs Seafire and I booked EI's new service to MIA, in fact we'd booked to travel this weekend. That was only until a certain Caribbean lady called Irma unkindly intervened!

Anyway nothing lost, there was no cancellation charge for the hotel in Miami and EI have suitably rebooked us - weather permitting? Btw, is EI0141/10 now officially cancelled?

EI-A330-300 7th Sep 2017 20:07

Yes officially.

seafire6b 7th Sep 2017 20:47

EI-330-300, thanks for that info, the website said something like "no seats available", but I intuitively guessed it was cancelled!:)

EI phoned me today (nice touch, instead of vice-versa) and changed our outbound trip okay, no problem. However, because we'd booked to be away for six weeks, they said I should wait until our original outbound flight (EI0141/10) was "officially cancelled", and then call back to amend our return flight MIA/DUB to a week later.

Seems strange to me, but I'll certainly do as EI asked, so hopefully we can get our planned six weeks in the USA.

EI-A330-300 7th Sep 2017 20:53

Have you tried to change it online?


Because the trip is so long and the return not affected by weather it could be a case of them having to wave a change fee which would apply. I would maybe contact them again before you travel just to double check.

seafire6b 7th Sep 2017 21:26

Thanks A-330-300, I did actually make the request when EI called me. It seems that because of the time-range, a six week trip falls outside the scope of a system-applied no-fee amendment. I was nonetheless told it could be done immediately, but in exchange for an additional €1000!

When I protested - also pleading that after a good experience last year, we'd converted to EI "J" from VS & BA - I was told a "case" would be compiled on my EI record(!), in readiness for my return call. As you suggest, I'm obviously hoping it's just a matter of an EI person having authority to waive the fee. We'll see how that goes, and I'll report back. That Irma's got a lot to answer for!

seafire6b 8th Sep 2017 07:56

Just my promised update, all is now sorted! I phoned EI/DUB reservations this morning, the very helpful EI agent said he couldn't understand why they'd earlier even mentioned change-fees. He confirmed that because of Hurricane Irma, our outbound flights had been involuntarily amended, so there was no restriction about then choosing a later return.

Perhaps EI's system was busy playing catch-cup yesterday? Nevertheless, now resolved promptly and happily by EI, all within a quick phonecall. No regrets whatsoever about leaving BA and VS for our Florida outings - Shamrock Guys, thanks!

EI-A330-300 11th Sep 2017 23:01

It's almost a year since Hartford started, loads over the summer have reached between 92-94% over a number of months (typical across all routes). Over the last year they have largely been more less 80% plus apart from December/January which was much lower.

May well be a possible A330 contender in future.

Great, it did sound strange.

brian_dromey 12th Sep 2017 06:57

Possibly. The 332 would be about 50% more in Economy but double the number of Business seats. Is Premium demand strong? In favour of the 332, there would be more cargo and the new 333s are equipped with crew rest for the west coast, so there would be more flexibility to put a 332 on the likes of BDL and use the 757 elsewhere.

seafire6b 13th Sep 2017 11:37

Originally Posted by EI-A330-300 (Post 9888973)
... Great, it did sound strange.

Yes, thanks EI-A330-300. I'm only guessing, but think the EI agent I spoke to on my initial phonecall should perhaps have fully processed the "Irma booking amendment" first and then given the system time to digest that info (kind of switch off and back on again!), before attempting to change the return sectors. As mentioned, there was apparently no system-flagging of a €1000 change-fee when I called back the following day.

Anyway, all now being okay, Mrs SF and I are set for our upcoming trip to MIA. In fact, early next week we're already prebooked Frontier AL to DEN for a roadtrip up to Dakota and Wyoming. Without wishing to make light of the bad situation in Florida, perhaps the mops and buckets will have been fully used by the time we return!

EI-A330-300 25th Sep 2017 13:40

According to Willie Walsh speaking in Barcelona, EI are preparing a business case to operate 12 A321LR.

Just a spotter 26th Sep 2017 08:58

With the first of the A321LR's due in 2019, the 3 A321CEO's in the fleet will be 20 years old at that point, I suspect the arrival of the new metal will correspond with the current aircraft retiring from service.

Una Due Tfc 26th Sep 2017 13:29

I wouldn't be so sure. They're very different aircraft capability wise.

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