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OneBellEnd 17th Aug 2017 09:53

Belfast City Airport-2
Still no sign of CAA numbers for Belfast City for June.

Most unusually inefficient and unlike them - especially when Ri Chun-hee is stating everything is going so positively...

OneBellEnd 28th Aug 2017 21:04

STILL no sign of any CAA figures for summer reported by BHD - and summer has virtually been and gone!

I wonder if the data has been shared with their newly installed shareholders yet, even if they don't intend to issue them publicly?!

GAZMO 28th Aug 2017 23:01

Passenger numbers are available on their website although no route analysis

A320.b744 28th Aug 2017 23:24

The passenger volumes graph is very worrying - looks like annual passenger figures will fall below 2.5 million this year.

I hope CAA stats come out soon - I'd like to see the figures for KEF.

mart901 10th Sep 2017 19:17

Plane from Belfast forced to return after being hit by lightning strike - Belfast Live

Alteagod 11th Sep 2017 19:57

Any update post the recent routes forum held in Belfadr

West Brit 22nd Sep 2017 13:34

Basically it should be sold for development. There is no money to be made with 2 Belfast airports. The value of the site must be worth more to the owner if it had a change of use. This site would be prime for development as an extension to Titantic quarter, housing/office/leisure and sport. What an opportunity to create an urban village!
Most jobs would be relocated to BFS! BFS would be able to spend and spend on new facilities creating a very large airport the size of Glasgow!! Links to the airport would be improved....

Or we could just go down the current road of 2 airports competing for chunks of a relatively small market. With no money to invest in their infrastructure.....

mart901 22nd Sep 2017 14:35

And yet both have grown turnover in the last year.

West Brit 22nd Sep 2017 16:06

At least West Brit has a predictable response!:roll eyes

A realist!

It seems not a long time ago when Mr A and the team were on a roll and growing the business quite spectacularly, now there is a question were they just lucky or at that stage were the Aldergrove management just incompetent?

Yes, the runway extension? (never happened) It is a constrained facility if you haven't noticed.
KLM can't even get an early departure at 06.00. Holiday flights are restricted, with runway length and curfew.
So if there were other opportunities for the facility eg closing down and developing, would the owner not at least look at them?

West Brit 22nd Sep 2017 17:06

The runway extension was refused by planners. There is no flexibility in the curfew! Nothing to do with BFS but locals who actually do deserve to have a nights sleep. Guess what? there is a curfew at London City and even Heathrow so management will have to work with that!

West Brit 22nd Sep 2017 17:13

The runway was refused unofficially ie BHD knew there was no hope or they would have pursued it.

mart901 22nd Sep 2017 17:45

Originally Posted by panpanpanpan (Post 9900559)
At least West Brit has a predictable response!:roll eyes:

Where do you get the figures for increased turnover Mart? I suppose the big question is if there is increased profit? I wonder what the new Harbour owners are thinking, investing at a time a company is on a downward trend while almost every other regional UK airport is on the rise. It seems not a long time ago when Mr A and the team were on a roll and growing the business quite spectacularly, now there is a question were they just lucky or at that stage were the Aldergrove management just incompetent?

Fascinating how a few years can make such a difference, will it swing round again to Harbours favour in another few years or is the loss of the London market too difficult to replace?

Margins improve as revenues rise at Belfast City Airport - Belfast Newsletter

True Blue 22nd Sep 2017 19:47

KLM knew the rules when they picked Bhd as the airport of choice. If they wanted a 6.00 am departure, why did they pick Bhd then? Whatever made them think that they could such an early departure considering the location? Have they no experience from Lcy? Stupid or what?

cuthere 22nd Sep 2017 19:52

Stupid or what?
€519m profit in 2016. Or what is your answer

True Blue 22nd Sep 2017 19:57

Where did I question their profitability?

A320.b744 23rd Sep 2017 00:20

CAA stats for July (but still not June!) are finally out.

Icelandair carried 1,014 passengers on their new KEF route, which gives an average load of 39 pax (53%). It sounds bad, but Icelandair's other Q400 route to ABZ has a similar load factor (59%) despite running for a couple of years.

AMS on the other hand is performing very well, with KLM carrying 5,214 passengers in July (up 22% on 2016). This gives an average load of 85 pax. Given that the route was operated mainly by Cityjet's RJ-85s (95 seats), that gives a load factor of 89%. For the E175 these figures would give a 97% load factor. There is some real potential for an upgrade to the E-190 next summer, or even a second daily flight.

Aer Lingus' summer routes are all down given the reduction in frequencies. FAO (-19%), ALC (-45%), AGP (-20%), PMI (-23%). Aer Lingus carried 8,524 fewer passengers on its summer routes this July than in 2016.

Domestic services as a whole are fairly flat, with 225,477 domestic passengers in July compared to 227,705 last year, representing a 1% decrease.

Overall, 257,633 passengers used BHD in July, down 4.5% on last year.

SWBKCB 26th Sep 2017 20:38


Alteagod 27th Sep 2017 18:15

Might BA reinstate one of the axed rotations they had planned for w17/18 or might the much rumoured but never arrived BACF LCY BHD appear post the FR LGW announcement?

ECR 1st Oct 2017 11:35

Unfortunately I can't see BA backtracking on their LHR schedule reduction or introducing any new routes. I would love to see them try the LCY or LGW routes and think it might work as they could pick up a certain amount of premium traffic as they offer a proper business class with Club Europe on domestic services these days. It would also provide feed for their other routes from LGW and LCY.

OneBellEnd 2nd Oct 2017 19:27


The curse of UK Air Passenger Duty again. Like KLM, Belfast launches flights only to be overtaken by a bigger Icelandair operation from DUB ...

Still - real optimism about sense finally prevailing. This kind of mindless self-harm by Treasury can’t go on forever. Especially once they only have the well-being of the UK to consider.

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