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Jerry123 9th Sep 2017 12:11

Thomas Cook-2
With Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium shutting down in November and 2 of the aircraft going to Brussels Airlines does anyone know what Thomas Cook will do the other 3 A320s? I was wondering if they would use them at the likes of Cardiff and Newcastle instead of the seasonal damp leased A320s?

MKY661 9th Sep 2017 12:19

I assume they'll be going back to Condor.

Jerry123 9th Sep 2017 12:36

I thought Condor were all Boeing?

MKY661 9th Sep 2017 12:56

They have A320's and A321's too, All except one of the A321's will transfer to TCX next year though according to Jethro.

Jerry123 9th Sep 2017 13:24

Hopefully then the A320s will as well!
Thanks for the reply.

ratchetring 10th Sep 2017 22:02

Originally Posted by Cazalet33 (Post 9886079)
Your arithmetic might impress if it correctly presumed that the dinosaur union has a monopoly of the workforce.

It does not.

The old days of the NUM et al are long gone. Those dinosaurs died out. They self-destructed, actually.

Actually they didn't "self destruct " They were wiped out as a result of something quite out of their control

FRatSTN 21st Sep 2017 21:00

Thomas Cook have made several changes to their Antalya flying schedule for Summer 2018, with a number of W-patterns between UK airports, as follows:

Birmingham (Wednesdays, W-pattern from Bristol)
Cardiff (Fridays, W-pattern from Bristol)
East Midlands (Mondays, W-pattern from Manchester)
Edinburgh (Saturdays, W-pattern from Stansted)
Leeds/Bradford (Thursdays, W-pattern from Newcastle)

Edinburgh and Leeds/Bradford are therefore new airports for Thomas Cook

LiamNCL 22nd Sep 2017 06:20

Do we know whats based where next year as in where the leased AC will be ?

inOban 22nd Sep 2017 09:26

Some years ago they served PMI from EDI in a W-pattern. They also offer a couple of destinations using Easyjet.

FQTLSteve 22nd Sep 2017 11:58

Does anyone know what the distribution of a/c will be by base for S18? I've tried to Google but I can't get any meaningful result?

LiamNCL 22nd Sep 2017 12:03

There was talk on here about BFS EMA and STN being operated by leased aircraft but site still showing same seat maps as this summer im guessing the S18 seat layouts arent finalised on the website ?

milhouse999 25th Sep 2017 13:05

They were advertising an extra NCL-CFU on a Thursday evening for 2018, this appears to have disappeared from their website now, you can't book it.

They're also offering ECONOMY PLUS on their A321s next year - the seating arrangement seems to be the same as existing all-econmy (38 rows) but it's only the first two rows of the AC that will have it.

Anyone shed any light on this?


LiamNCL 25th Sep 2017 13:21

Economy plus similar to the Condor A321 that Thomas Cook are recieving this winter.

milhouse999 25th Sep 2017 13:37

Is there extra legroom?

I note Premium is the first two rows - but when you try and book standard economy, rows 1-6 are blocked out and can't be reserved. Are they waiting for uptake and then possibly increasing premium to row 6 if it proves popular?

The only differnece I can see is you get an extra 5kg hold baggage and drinks. It works out an extra 200 for 2 of us in June, its cheaper to book standard economy, add on all the extras (meal, seats etc) as I don't think you'll get anymore leg.

nclops 25th Sep 2017 13:40


milhouse999 25th Sep 2017 13:44

Thanks nclops :ok:

goldeneye 2nd Oct 2017 14:17

Thomas Cook is to send A321's to Air Transat over the winter for the next 7 years, an A330 will come from Air Transat to Thomas Cook over the Winter.


Buster the Bear 3rd Oct 2017 00:17

More here.


VickersVicount 3rd Oct 2017 18:47

So yet another non standard config and service offering
So we have
Standard TCX config
TCX Scandinavia variation
Air Tanker variation
and now
Air Transat ?

azz767 3rd Oct 2017 20:02

All uk Reg 757's are going to condor and all condor 321's are coming to the uk

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