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T250 31st Oct 2017 16:08

T5 and T2 are pretty good and certainly much much nicer and more user-friendly than either T1 or T3 at Manchester.
So half the airport terminals are OK, the other half T3 and T4 are not so OK. Overall, an OK airport, not really good enough for our supposed UK 'hub'.

A lot of the arguments above that are supposed to be against expansion at LHR are actually arguments for it.
Same can be said for expansion at LGW, all bias and subjective!

APD has been around for ages and has slowed the rate of growth but it's not reasonable to go as far as you suggest.
You'll be surprised. I have several friends who I am fortunate enough to use their staff travel including several major long haul carriers and one loco. LHR APD on stand by fares is at least DOUBLE that of MAN, EDI, CDG, AMS, GVA and FRA.

inOban 31st Oct 2017 16:51

I believe most of the pollution is caused by cars and trucks, not by a/c.

DaveReidUK 4th Dec 2017 08:42

Fly Quiet, but not Clean any longer
Heathrow has changed the name of its flagship environmental monitoring programme - previously called "Fly Quiet & Clean", it's now "Fly Quiet & Green".

Sadly, the change doesn't coincide with any attempt to clean up the stats, so again they give the usual distorted view of airlines' performance.

Bizarrely, Air India gets the Number One slot (which, using Heathrow's own rules, should actually belong to Qantas), mainly because AI's poor performance for track-keeping and NOx emissions hasn't been factored into the scoring.

Airlines entitled to feel aggrieved with the latest published results include China Southern, unfairly relegated 14 places from the Number 8 slot that its performance actually merits, and Virgin Atlantic, down 12 positions from its rightful 19th place. One wonders what those carriers have done (or failed to do) that has earned Heathrow's disapproval.

Air Malta, on the other hand, seem to be particularly favoured this time around - despite its performance only meriting a position in the bottom half of the league table, at 27th, it gets a 10-place hike up the rankings to 17th.

And strangest of all, Air France and Air Canada, who should be in tied place based on how they performed in each of the measured criteria, end up 9 places apart in the league table. Pour encourager les autres, presumably. :O


Navpi 4th Dec 2017 14:23

If POINTLESS doesn't cut the mustard one could always switch to Parliament TV for a similar offering.


Navpi 11th Dec 2017 10:22

British Airways: 50,000 passengers stranded after de-icing meltdown at Heathrow | The Independent

Tech Guy 11th Dec 2017 11:24

Only in the UK does everything fall over at the slightest hint of weather being less than optimal.

inOban 11th Dec 2017 11:50

Not true. Looking at EDI, it seems that Schipol and Eindhoven are closed, not surprising given the forecast.

Plane.Silly 11th Dec 2017 12:00

At least they would be a bit more prepared for the weather, it always seems to catch the UK off guard every year without fail.

Looks like schiphol is up and running though, but delays between 1 and 5 hrs

Navpi 12th Dec 2017 02:09

It did appear to be a specific problem to BA AND T5.

Simon Calder was on TV suggesting all other airlines were operating with only 1 or 2 cancellations.

wiggy 12th Dec 2017 06:09

Another poster on another thread (about a BA flight returning to Berlin on Sunday) has pointed out that in his case there were problems with T2 and Eurowings.

TBH Simon Calder is sort of stating the obvious - if for whatever reason there is a major problem at LHR then its a given that BA will be the most effected and chances are T5 wont be a pretty sight....In any event Id be interested to see the stats for Sunday for all operators at the airport.

BTW the last time I operated out of LHR with BA in significant snow a few years back we got away OK, albeit about 2 hours late. The last time I actually ended up cancelling and night stopping due to snow was out of a US eastern seaboard airport......not that that is evidence of anything other than there is a danger of making the assumption (happily fuelled by the media) that it is only ever LHR/UK that cannot cope with bad weather.....

DaveReidUK 12th Dec 2017 06:42

Originally Posted by wiggy (Post 9987192)
In any event Id be interested to see the stats for Sunday for all operators at the airport.

10 busiest carriers:

Airline, Arrs/Deps Sun 3 Dec, Arrs/Deps Sun 10 Dec
BA 327/332 163/150
EI 21/20 15/15
AA 19/19 19/17
SK 19/17 15/13
VS 18/18 19/17
LH 17/16 11/10
UA 15/15 15/15
DL 12/12 12/11
EW 12/12 4/4
LX 12/12 5/5

wiggy 12th Dec 2017 07:21

DR - I knew I could rely on you..

Ok, 'cos it's early It's been short night and I'm a bit fik...that's the achieved? - as in BA got "327 in/332 out" on Sunday 3rd..."163 in/150 out" Sunday 10th...

Many thanks as always...

DaveReidUK 12th Dec 2017 07:43

Yes, actual movements, I don't have access to the planned programme.

Trinity 09L 12th Dec 2017 10:54

The HAL airport publicity machine seems very quiet. So whose at fault? :confused:

PAXboy 12th Dec 2017 12:55

You know the deafult is: If a company is saying nothing - then it's covering up. They know that ANY statement can be thrown back at them and de-icing and other aspects of despatch inevitably involve HAL. Best to say nowt unless forced.

WHBM 12th Dec 2017 13:31

Thanks Dave Reid, these figures should really be put to the main newspapers to ask Alex Cruz for an explanation. The full house by Virgin is particularly notable as their Heathrow operations are wholly based there as well.

As I understand it, de-icing is the responsibility of the handling agent, which includes provision of the personnel, kit and the fluid. There's no centralised deicing pad at Heathrow.

BA self-handle, presumably most of the others are handled by agents.

Navpi 12th Dec 2017 15:10

Excellent post by Dave Reid.

Had the news not been dominated by "real weather elsewhere " i suspect the media would have been all over this.

Skipness One Echo 12th Dec 2017 17:34

In fairness the deicing meltdown was squarely a BA one as it’s self handling. I wonder if the BA T3 operation fared any better?
Look at United and Virgin for example above, T3 and T2 have a lot more contingency now that T5 created more space once BA moved across. #irony

KelvinD 12th Dec 2017 20:34

So what was going on at LHR this morning? I was taking some happy snaps down there and couldn't help noticing what seemed to be longer than usual gaps between arrivals, as much as 5 minute intervals at times. I looked at my app and saw there were no race course shaped tracks over Ockham, Bovingdon etc. It did look rather odd. Am I right in thinking this was due to some of BA's "get the aircraft back where it belongs" routines, following the inclement weather?

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