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MANFOD 18th Jun 2018 07:43

"Manchester front-end centre so why is MAG so timid ?"

And how about our NW MPs. and business leaders? Do they believe the LHR hype, are they indifferent, or do they believe MAN is in some way insulated from what happens at LHR and MAN will continue to grow at the same rate with or without R3?

SWBKCB 18th Jun 2018 11:27

From the M.E.N website this morning

More T1 issues

Curious Pax 18th Jun 2018 14:45

Originally Posted by Council Van (Post 10175805)
Who gives a sh1t about passenger, 10s of thousands will be along tomorrow to spend in the terminal

Ironically if the passengers are stuck in the security queue for 2 hours they won’t be spending as much in the terminal. Which is the likeliest trigger to getting the situation improved.

Seems odd that they suddenly seem to be short staffed (I’m assuming that’s the likeliest explanation for the delays) as I would have thought that today would be slightly quieter than last Monday as all the schools are now back. If England were playing a lunchtime match I’d be looking at absenteeism due to that, but the morning shift will all be home in time for the 7pm kick off tonight. I suppose the fact that it was Eid on Friday could also be a factor.

Despite being naturally inclined to defend MAN they don’t make it easy when their spokesman says “Due to high volumes of passengers we’ve experienced queues at security this morning”. Many things about aviation can be unpredictable, but in this case they will have known fairly accurately how many passengers were due to pass through, and the timeframes in which they were likely to arrive, so even a first year queuing theory student could work it out. It smacks of more staff being absent than expected, either due to calling in sick, or leavers not being replaced fast enough. They could be honest and say that.

MANFOD 18th Jun 2018 16:34

Like Curious Pax I'm normally inclined to defend Manchester, but if true, 2 hours to get through security in T1 is totally unacceptable and indefensible. Not seen it mentioned but it would be interesting to know if all lanes in both the main and Jet2 security were open and from what time.
That might give an indication of whether the issue was staff shortages, or a lack of security facilities or perhaps equipment failures.

And those sort of comments from the airport about the so-called reason being high volume of passengers are just patronising and annoying. As pointed out, school holidays have finished, so what might it be like late July when the main summer school holidays start and with July / August traditionally being the busiest months, unless corrective action is taken.

Mr A Tis 18th Jun 2018 17:25

Friday was no different in T1 (50 minutes fast track) heaven knows how long for non fast track, as that queue was 30 minutes just to get to get to the scanning machine entrance. The only thing in the shops were tumble weed, virtually all were empty despite thousands of pax passing by, no time for anything. If you bought a lounge visit then hard luck as that is non refundable.

My quick trip to DUS showed a stark contrast. This airport handles similar numbers to MAN. Huge landside areas, with nice cafes for that last minute meeting, before going to security. Peak time wait for that was 10 minutes. Not to mention the skylink monorail from the terminals to multi storey car parks and train station. No drop off fees of course either.

Arrival back to MAN, only 40ish people had checked bags out of the 180 pax, but these were not delivered for one hour after arrival once the aircraft had departed already back to DUS.

Yes, as the MAN spokesman said " sorry for the delay, but it is busy"

Streuth, it's T3 next week for me and I'm not expecting any difference from T1 this week.
I'm already using trains instead of MAN for Domestics and I think where possible, LPL has now got to be in the running.

LFC22 18th Jun 2018 18:02

It is well and truly going downhill. Even the roads leading to the terminal are a mess, god knows how long they've been dug up but not worked on. And I don't even want to get started on Staff East, absolute shambles. Think I may have to switch to Liverpool, Leeds and Birmingham from now on.

Luke1991 18th Jun 2018 18:27

When I departed Last Sunday (10th) the queue for security was around 45 minutes in T1. Fast track lanes only upstairs, all other pax directed down to Jet2 security, quite chaotic really, especially when the vast majority of T1 pax check in upstairs.
Arrival back this morning, flight was delayed by 90 minutes, which meant immigration was almost empty, apart from the non-EU passport line, and all e-gates up and running.
Only downside was Aviator delivering the luggage, took over an hour from disembarking til all luggage arriving on the belt.

LFC22 18th Jun 2018 18:46

Originally Posted by Council Van (Post 10176053)
The managing director of the airport should be made to use staff east for as long as it takes him to realise how he is treating the workers like scum.

On a weekday at 5pm preferably. Heard many rumours that it's about to close however, and all the staff are about to be moved to Jetparks Ringway

CabinCrew747 18th Jun 2018 19:01

Friday evening, T1. I was headed out to DXB and arrived 2 hours before departure. Checked in and then hit the absolute joke that is security at MAN. They had 2.5 lanes open (i'll explain) to cover an A380 plus many other departures. It took over an hour to clear. The worst part of it was that despite the huge queues, they closed a lane and sent home probably upwards of 20 staff who just walked straight by all the passengers patiently waiting. Quite the slap in the face whilst I understand people deserve to go home from work. They then reopened a lane but not fully. Only for scanning baggage whilst pax were redirected around a queue of people waiting, to be scanned in a different lane. At the time I reached the front of the queue, they stop scanning bags for over 10 minutes with staff all over the place. They looked like they didn't have a clue what they were doing. Couple this with the usual patronising, smug remarks from the staff aimed at passengers and it just made for an awful experience. As others have said, the shops were empty, restaurants and cafes empty. The only place I really saw many people was at the gates. I complained to the Duty Security Controller after I got through and their response was "we don't have any control over how many staff we get".

Absolute shambles. Compare this to DXB where at peak times, you can expect perhaps a 5-minute wait at security.

ZOOKER 18th Jun 2018 20:26

Council Van, do the CEO/Top Management Neddies still park their 4x4s outside Olympic House?

FFMAN 19th Jun 2018 10:50

The most recent T1 meltdown is not the first one in recent times. I was snarled up in one around three weeks ago. Same thing...Security A closed to all but Fast Track. Despite having a LH Business Class ticket I was directed to Security B on the basis of 'It'll be quicker - trust me'.
The queue for Security B trailed back through the check in queues for TCX. People were not sure which queue they are in and then started 'pushing in' to the part of the right queue that they thought they should be in - annoying other people in the process.
The queue trailed down the stairs from Level 5 to the ground floor then instead of going to the e-gates, snaked around the building actually in to the Jet2 Check-in hall before swinging all the way back the way we had come to get to the e-gates. At that point it was possible - 45 mins later - to actually start queuing for security, which was another 35 mins.
The direct result of this was successfully persuading Mrs FFMAN that our upcoming trip to Ireland would be by car ferry from Holyhead - for no other reason than to avoid the hideous ordeal that is now Manchester Airport.
Anyone reading this take note - either book your flights from an alternative airport or don't fly. Unless you're very lucky you will hate the whole rotten experience.

FFHKG 19th Jun 2018 11:20

Some months back, I commented on my security experience in T3, and the usual MAN supporters tried to play down my comments. I am not going to repeat them but all I will say is the experience in T5 at LHR even at peak times, and also at LGW South Terminal is nowhere near as bad..... less than 5 minutes on average and without the usual shouting that seems the norm at MAN. I will not repeat my comments about the superior experience in Asian airports other than to say in the last 12 months, other than to say that I have only had one wait at security longer than 5 minutes.

I am through T3 on Friday morning so Manchester Security try and surprise me - clear me in less than 5 minutes.... but on the basis of recent comments, this could be wishful thinking.

Ringwayman 19th Jun 2018 14:38

Its the same people having the sane problems Maybe ithey are the problem and not the airport?

PapaEchoNovember 19th Jun 2018 15:37

Nope, I have problems with the airport almost every time I (unfortunately) have to use. Rude and obnoxious security staff, with huge queues is issue number one for me but I can relate to pretty much all of the complaints above

MAN2SIN2BKK2FRA 19th Jun 2018 15:53

Security at MAN has always been a joke, I have spent many unpleasant hours stuck in the queues, one of the earliest that comes to mind was in 1990 queuing in Terminal 1 security for nearly an hour with a Cathay Pacific business class ticket at the 9.00am peak, no leisurely stroll to the end of Pier C...…… I really hope MAN have been learning its lessons and got it right with the redevelopment of Terminal 2, unfortunately I believe this is wishful thinking as there is a mentality in the UK that treats people who want a bit of extra service like pariahs.

In other countries you pay the cash and you expect fast track lanes, lounges and baggage off first - no queues.

Even in Terminal 1 at FRA, which is a real dive it is possible to go check in to gate in 15 minutes inclusive of security and passport control

FFHKG 19th Jun 2018 17:46

Why does nothing work?
Arrived Manchester some 40 minutes ago... two of the three travellators from T1 to the station were not working, nor were the two down escalators to the station plstforms working. Am I unlucky, I have yet to experience a journey from T1 to the station where everything is working?

Mr A Tis 19th Jun 2018 17:53

FFHKG- presumably they are off whilst they install a coin slot to operate......

Trav a la 19th Jun 2018 18:01

Originally Posted by Council Van (Post 10176759)
Either you work for the Manchester Airport PR department or.........................

To a certain degree I think I understand what he's getting at.

I dropped some family off at T3 early yesterday morning. When I spoke to them later I asked how they had got on, all they complained about was the wait for bags at the other end. They are not regular, or even irregular, users of airports such as Changi and have got used to Manchester being what it is. It's morphed into an unmanageable monster for the next few years at least.

I do feel for you and all other users of Staff East, however, special arrangements should have been made for crews with legally regulated working hours. The additional time and stress makes a mockery of regulated working hours when you regularly arrive to start your day feeling hot and bothered.

FFMAN 19th Jun 2018 18:11

Originally Posted by Ringwayman (Post 10176667)
Its the same people having the sane problems Maybe ithey are the problem and not the airport?

By 'the same people' I assume you mean the frequent flyers who have to use the place on a regular basis and are sick to the back teeth of its ineptitude, lack of basic fitness for purpose and the unwillingness of anyone in the airport management to address the issues. We are also the people who are best placed to compare what is considered 'normal' in airports all over the world and compare it to the third world dump that Manchester has become. Your comment perfectly sums up the attitude of MAN management. Any business that starts to blame its problems on its customers, is headed only in one direction. Current evidence bears that out.

We don't do this because we get a nice week in the sun but because we have to go to work - in my case since all my company's business is export.- to bring money in to this country that wouldn't otherwise come in. We get treated like sh!t for our efforts.

mickyman 19th Jun 2018 18:52

You are obviously a very important person to the airport and the country and I would hate to think that you felt
devalued as a consumer.Perhaps there should be a business lane for you at all airports so that you can
concentrate on your work and bring in more deals without being distracted or irritated?

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